IoTa: Webserver that Monitors and Controls Electrical Devices Launches on Kickstarter

Las Vegas, NV – On September 15 2017, IoTa Server launched a campaign on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. With an entry level backer plan of only $99, IoTa provides virtual instruments in the cloud. It is a cost-effective, retargetable, remote data monitoring, embedded webserver. IoTa’s virtual instruments can remotely monitor and control devices, in real-time. The server also saves data to an historic database for later review.

IoTa can connect to many types of sensors and perform remote control. It even has its own energy meter to monitor power consumption and power quality. You can access your IoTa using any browser on your smart phone, tablet or PC. IoTa needs only an Ethernet connection with a DHCP server. Point your browser to the IoTa URL and you can view your data online, in real-time, anyplace in the world.

IoTa connects to a remote MYSQL database and transmits data to the database. Historic information can be viewed by web portal.

“Many companies would like to join the Internet of Things and have their product be IoT enabled.” says JD, the founder of CrowSoCs and developer of IoTa. “However, embedded web servers to put your product on the internet are hard to develop. It can require a team of engineers working for 1-2 years to develop a reliable IoT device. IoTa’s virtual instruments provide this.”

Even more, laboratory researchers, industrial engineers or even home hobbyists may want to remotely monitor and save data without wanting to build their own data acquisition device. Can you imagine a webserver that can monitor your air conditioner’s power consumption in summer?

IoTa takes the pain out of embedded development by providing a retargetable webserver that can be easily adapted to your device. The IoTa webserver is complete. Simply choose the type of sensors you wish to monitor using any 5VDC ratiometric sensor and plug it into IoTa. Then using IoTa’s point and click interface, configure IoTa for your device. IoTa’s interface can also be easily modified for special needs using only CSS and Javascript.

You can read about IoTa’s technology today on their Kickstarter page and even become a backer. Their campaign offers IoTas starting at only $99 for a basic webserver. Only $199 for Early Bird adopters who want one now. IoTa is to be sold worldwide and CrowSoCs has a team in place in China.

About CrowSoCs Inc:

CrowSoCs is a Las Vegas, NV company originally founded in Colorado to develop free trajectory scanning techniques. During that development, the company’s founder, Mechatronics engineer Justin ‘JD’ Downs III Ph.D, redeveloped previous IoT technology to monitor FPGAs and CIS sensors by Ethernet. The same technology was later reworked to monitor refrigeration equipment and other industrial devices. Finally, the technology has begun a redevelopment for industrial monitoring and control including AGV control.

The many applications of the IoT technology lead CrowSoCs to envision a retargetable web server that can be applied to any situation.

The company has since relocated to Nevada and after further development, now presents the IoT technology as the “IoTa”. A small embedded, retargetable, real-time, data-acquisition system and controller with remote database.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

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