GutterBrush Offers Trial Packs for Any Roof

With so many gutter filter solutions it might be hard to choose the best one for your home, business, or modular building. An American-made gutter guard is now available in trial packs so that users can find the best filter to fit their gutters before leaves begin to fall. Here is some more information on the UV protected, polypropylene bristle brush that can guard your gutters from leaves and debris this fall and winter season.

Finding the Right Fit

There are two common types of residential gutters, standard 5” and over-sized 6”. Over-sized gutters are 6 inches wide while standard gutters are 5 inches. To find out your gutter’s size, simply grab a tape measure and measure its width across the top of the gutter. For more detailed information on measuring techniques, click how to measure.

Other types of gutters can be several inches wider than over-sized residential gutters. Commercial or Industrial gutters can be up to 7 or 8 inches in width. Mobile homes and specialty buildings might have smaller gutters, all the way down to a mere 4 inches. Regardless of width, GutterBrush has a product that will fit your needs.

Customizing the Length

Brush filter are highly adaptable for roof lines of varying lengths. No specialty tools are required. In fact, no tools are required at all to adjust brush length. Much like a pipe cleaner – only far more sturdy – the brush’s flexible core bends easily to get around corners or rise above obstacles and roof inconsistencies. When installing a brush that is too long, fold the brush back until the doubled-edge is flush with your gutter’s termination point.

Ordering Pieces

The standard size brush is available in 6-foot (trial), 15-foot, 30-foot, 60-foot and 120-foot packages. Once you have tried a sample pack you can order more to complete your needs directly online, through a retailer or your contractor. Since the brushes are so easy to install, it’s likely you won’t need any professional assistance for either installation or maintenance.

The sturdy filters withstand snow, ice, sun and heat. When you check your gutters, you might notice that a few leaves are on top of the bristles. These leaves will decay and drop through the bristles without clogging your gutters. Inspect your gutters by lifting the brush from its place. If debris is trapped in the bristles, then clear it with a simple shake. Its easy installation and maintenance makes the filter worth a try.

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