Preventing Roof and Gutter Damage Just Got Easier with GutterBrush

For those in temperate climates, the end of summer means preparing for an onslaught of leaves, pine needles, pine cones and maple helicopter wings. The second onslaught usually involves water in all its various states: liquid, ice, and steam. So how can a homeowner protect their roof from tree debris and winter water damage? One of the best ways to prepare is to place filters in your roof’s gutter system.

Gutter Filters

Long-time homeowners are familiar with the gutter cleaning rite of passage. Those who have recently moved from an apartment to a house don’t need to endure the ritual. Hand cleaning gutters is tedious work. When you add in a ladder and the need for tools, it can get expensive and even dangerous.

A gutter filter, like GutterBrush, blocks leaves from entering roof gutters while still allowing water to flow freely off the roof and to the ground. The brush’s bristles deflect leaves out of gutters while also acting as a sturdy filter against trapped leaves by giving them a chance to break down into smaller pieces before they are washed away by rain or melting snow.

Preventing Water Damage

Perhaps you have heard of ice dams. These solid slabs of ice form along rooflines during freeze-frost conditions. As snow melts it trickles down toward the gutter. A sudden freeze solidifies whatever water was unable to pass down the gutter. When water is blocked and then freezes, it creates an ice dam. Ice dams are heavy. Their weight increases as water flow diminishes and even more ice forms on top of older ice. The weight can take down your entire gutter system, causing roof damage and water damage. Gutter brushes prevent this winter situation by filtering out water flow obstacles during the months of fall.

Gutter filters allow unrestricted water flow because they block leaves from entering the gutter and also prevent animals and birds from nesting in gutters. The brush filter is placed inside gutters and is available in different lengths and diameters, including industrial sizes for commercial and other buildings. For a measuring guide, click here.

The brush’s UV protected polypropylene fibers withstand summer heat as well as winter chill, so once the brush is installed it will last throughout the seasons and years. Homeowners should still assess their gutters each fall. But clearing them will be far less time-consuming and less tedious.

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