Spring is the Time for GutterBrush

There is nothing like seeing tiny blades of new grass after a long winter. When the seasons change from bitter cold to mild and sunny, people begin to think of outside projects to do. Of course, with that thought comes the dreaded chore of gutter-cleaning. After a winter of harsh winds, blowing leaves, acorns and other debris, those gutters are probably overflowing with gunk that needs to be cleaned out again. 

Instead of grabbing your ladder, gloves and a big dose of determination, why not grab your phone? Order a leaf-guard system that will eliminate the yearly chore of cleaning gutters. GutterBrush is a simply-designed cylindrical brush that fits into your gutters for year-after-year deterrence of debris, rodents, pine cones and more. 

Installation is easy. The pieces come in 18″ and 3′ sections. Diameters to fit just about any size and style of gutter are available. No tools are required for installation. Just place the brush pieces directly into your gutter. If the piece is too long, bend it back to the correct length. If you come to a corner, the piece will bend for easy fit. 

The only thing you will ever have to do is occasionally shaking out the brushes. This is because tiny pine needles and debris can get trapped on the top of the bristles. Even in the most densely wooded areas you will only need to shake out the guards every other year or so. Gutter maintenance couldn’t be any easier. 

The design idea is genius, really. Since the brush fills your gutters there is literally no room for squirrels to scamper through, leaving nuts behind. In theSpring, birds can’t find enough room to build their nests. However, water can still freely flow along around the bristles and out the downspouts. Now, instead of being a bird homestead, your gutters can do what they were intended to do – keep water running off of your roof and away from your home. 

Next Spring instead of adding another chore to your ‘to-do’ list, mark one off. Your gutters will be clean. You can use the time to do something else on the list – like cleaning out the garage. Or you could simply take a cup of good coffee out on the porch and watch as the little birds build a nest in your bushes where they are supposed to. They will not be nesting in your gutters this year.

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