M. Shannon Hernandez’s New Book “Breaking the Silence” is a Profound and Insightful Exposé of the Broken Educational System

The new memoir from M. Shannon Hernandez, “Breaking the Silence,” is a heartbreaking story not only of a devoted and passionate teacher but also of a woefully inadequate educational system that demands miracles from overworked teachers and under-funded schools. While “Breaking the Silence” is a powerful indictment of the U.S. public school system, it is also a deeply personal journey of a woman’s quest to transcend the unfair constrictions of her career, as well as seek personal and professional happiness once again. The funds from the sale of “Breaking the Silence” will go towards helping teachers, students, parents and administrators improve the educational experience.

“Breaking the Silence” recounts the final 40 days of Shannon’s career as a public school teacher in New York City. Following a teaching career that spanned 15 years, Shannon describes the enormous turmoil that finally forced her to leave her beloved profession. Despite an overwhelming desire to help her students, Shannon realized that if the educational system was going to have a chance at improvement, she needed to be able to speak freely about what is really happening behind closed school doors. After breaking free from the horrendous system that continues to micromanage teachers and undermine their professional training, teachers across the nation are excited to have Shannon as a voice of reason for public education reform.

This timely and powerful book will resonate with teachers across the country who must remain silent due to fear of retaliation, parents who want better conditions for their children, and policymakers who fail to match rhetoric with reality.  Having invested almost $18,000 of her own, Shannon is currently seeking an additional $15,000 through the crowdfunding site Pubslush. With the financial support of the public, Shannon will be able to continue her campaign to alert communities to the failures in their public schools, as well as provide professional development sessions focused on improving school climate and tone, the importance of strong mentoring programs for new teachers, and teacher retention.

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