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For every entering class, admission to a high school, college or university is more competitive than ever. Top schools will typically reject 80-90% of all candidates, including many with perfect grade point averages and high test scores.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, September 23, 2014. School admissions have become super-competitive, yet there are those student applicants that know the secret to breezing through the process, and are getting accepted by their first school of choice. What an applicant needs is every tool that is available to ensure their successful acceptance. is the hidden secret used by so many successful applicants. This is not to demean the exceptional student, but using a professional essay writing service with specific experience in school applications work is the hidden edge.

When a student is getting ready to write their application essay, the stress level itself becomes an obstacle to them outputting their best work. Better to not take a chance, and simply outsource to professionals in this field. Well worth the investment, after all, it is an investment in a student’s future. Many applicants brainstorm for weeks, only to produce a vague first draft that doesn’t convey their unique strengths and experience. Sometimes the family is not versed in how to help. Or maybe English is not their native language.

The reports that for these candidates, they offer complete essay writing assistance. They will collect a “get to know you” profile which includes relevant personal information and organize a complete model essay that answers the question in an exceptional manner. Each essay is unique to the student and custom fit to the unique personal data and experience collected.

They have several winning solutions to pick from, such as admission essay writing, personal statement writing, application questions answers, scholarship essay writing, high school admission essays and expert proofreading all at competitive pricing.

Client Testimonials are pouring in and attest to the success of the program. Take a look at what Client 12f567 says: “What a relief for me and my family, I worked smarter not harder, and got a winning essay that got me into the college of my dreams!”, and Client 13m112 says: “Wow, my parents couldn’t help me, my counselor was too busy, what a great gift this was to have a essay written to set me apart from my competition without the hassle of doing it all by myself.” and finally 11m996 said: “I scored very high on the standard test, but English is not my native language, so I needed help putting my thoughts into written word.”

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