New York, NY – A new book, We The People, is a conceptual photography project that will result in a photo book which will include loose photo cards and a foldout map tracing an immigrant’s journey across America.

Myriam Abdelaziz, a French-American photographer and artist born in Cairo, Egypt, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on to garner the support and necessary financial backing to complete the conceptual photo book.

“After 4-months and 15,000-miles across the U.S., I met over 100 different people with my camera,” said Abdelaziz.

“In 2015, my attorney asked me if I was ready to file for American citizenship. The question caught me by surprise. Was I ready to be an American? Did I fit in with the concept of Americanism?” said Abdelaziz. “I undoubtedly know, now, that I am ready to be an American.”

Abdelaziz wants to depict the core beauty of the American identity, and all of the different colors, shapes, and cultures that comprise what it means to be an American.

“Every person I approached to photograph was totally empowered to decide where and how their portrait will be taken with very minimal direction,” said Abdelaziz. “We The People is not just another collection of individual biographies; rather, it’s an outline of the national biography of the American identity through anonymous portraits.   I am raising money just to produce the physical album now that the photographic work has already been completed.”

By backing We The People on Kickstarter, funders will be contributing to a self-funded project that is need of support to cover theproductioncosts.  Once it is funded, We The People will become a physical package that can be distributed throughout the U.S.   “I am hopeful that the reality of the final product could extend beyond a creative consumer but into the hands of youth and educational institutions empowering unity and acceptance as the foundation of our Nation,” said Abdelaziz. 

Visit the campaign on Kickstater:

For more information: Myriam Abdelaziz,, 917-325-4565 

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