Wild Tea Qi Announced by National Press Distributors as “Best Natural Tea Website” 2017

Wild Tea Qi is the world’s leading seller of wild, ancient tree, artisanal, and biodiversity teas, artisanal teaware, online tea courses, professional tea sommelier training, tea books, and more.

National Press Distributors is pleased to announce Wild Tea Qi as the “Best Natural Tea Website” in 2017. Finding the perfect natural tea blends are a pain for consumers, dependent on preferences and dietary needs. After careful analysis with industry experts, analysing data across the market trends and research, the best was represented in the products, service and formulas at Wild Tea Qi. Innovative tea offerings and user interface has earned them the award for 2017.

Whether you’re shopping for an organic, natural herbal tea or a hand-crafted flavorful tea, Wild Tea Qi has an impressive inventory of formulas and recipes for every consumer. Traditional Chinese Medicine is infused in many of the products, offering a competitive advantage for shoppers seeking alternative medicine. Familiar flavors like rich, deep black teas and aromatic green teas are beautifully infused in your mug with responsibly sourced tea leaves. Customers come back again and again to repurchase their favorite formulas and try new teas to expand on their palette. A true industry leader in the tea market, Wild Tea Qi will continue to delight their consumers and lead the way for future natural tea offerings across the globe.

National Press Distributors is the provider of Wild Tea Qi’s award after extensive analysis and discussion with industry experts. To learn more about the process, or to be considered for next year’s award, please contact NPD’s press representative.

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