Dr. Moricz’s “Ultimate Sleep Solution™” Has Been Hailed As An Anti-Aging Miracle – Formerly Only Available To VIP Clientele – Launching October 1st & Will Be Released Without A Prescription

Restful sleep is the “Missing Link” between early aging, and hormonal deficiencies. The “Ultimate Sleep Solution™” has been celebrated as a rejuvenating miracle by many middle aged women.

TEXARKANA, TEXAS, September 23, 2014, It sounds simple, get a good nights sleep and feel like a million bucks. Unfortunately, the state of sleep quality in America is pretty poor, with insomnia at an all time high. According to a study by the National Sleep Foundation, up to 63% of Women in the US suffer some kind of insomnia several times a week. When a Physician named George Moricz, MD, experienced the ravages of sleep deprivation himself, he became determined to discover a solution. Dr. Moricz had quickly found that the mainstream medical establishment had little to offer more than prescription options. This was no sleep solution, groggy in the morning and counting on caffeine to get through the day.

After 6 years of daytime exhaustion, and lack of energy, he developed the “Ultimate Sleep System™” to save himself. Originally only available to his VIP Concierge Clients, he has now released it to the general public. People are waking-up “supercharged”, and ready for an energy filled day. His many clients report that their new restful sleep patterns have helped erase the lines and wrinkles that sleeplessness-induced aging has caused. When people don’t get enough sleep, their skin struggles to maintain proper hydration levels… once vibrant skin becomes less supple, dry, and lackluster. Levels of stress hormones increase, and when left untreated over any extended period of time, these hormones increase inflammation within the skin which can lead to accelerated aging, including wrinkling, dark circles, even acne.

Dr. Moricz, an anti-aging doctor, was able to crack the code of the brain’s sleep chemistry, which is directly related to inflammation and hormonal changes due to diet, environment, and other factors. Alongside his patented Hormone Blueprint System™, www.hormoneblueprint.com, he developed an integrated system of all-natural pharmaceutical grade supplements that work with the brain’s chemistry to restore the hormonal balance to where it was at the age of 20 – based on the reality that youth is perfect health.

The “Ultimate Sleep Solution™” is comprised of all-natural pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements that are formulated based on the individuals unique brain chemistry. There are no narcotics or harmful stimulants involved, and they are not needed. When a client orders the “Ultimate Sleep Solution™” they’ll be provided with an easy to follow “roadmap” that enables them to custom-tailor a solution based on the results they’re getting. In fact, it’s like getting a VIP Membership with Dr. Moricz at their side. With the “Ultimate Sleep Solution™“, experience what his VIP clients refer to as “their Sleep Miracle” – giving the restorative rest needed to create the healthiest, happiest, most beautiful YOU possible.

For complete information, on the October 1, launch visit: http://weightlosstexarkana.com/contact/

Visit YouTube and listen-in on conversations with people that have benefited from this new discovery.

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