Tiajuana Cromartie Is Helping Businesses Increase Sales And Keep Customers Coming Back For More

Tiajuana Cromartie and the Cromartie Bryant Counseling Group help clients increase and maintain customer satisfaction and consumer loyalty by focusing on providing exemplary customer service.

Offering on-site customer service coaching, Tiajuana Cromartie of Cromartie Bryant Consulting Group (CBCG) (www.cromartiebryantgroup.com) is helping businesses and their customers connect.

Realizing that businesses often fail to reach customers on the most fundamental levels, Cromartie is committed to providing real, substantive feedback for businesses. With that feedback in hand, Cromartie helps business leaders craft real-world customer service goals that help to drive sales and create a loyal customer base.

Working with CBCG, clients can expect to: gain customer retention, improve revenue, receive excellent online reviews, build a solid foundation of exemplary service standards, and create a strong social media following.

Cromartie’s success lies in her simple, but effective approach to customer service. By creating an air of accessibility, interest, and helpfulness, Cromartie is able to transform struggling businesses by helping them connect with their specific consumer base.

“I have helped several small business stay open by identifying the key to their success,” Cromartie says. “Focusing on the voice of the customer, I surveyed customers for just one week and found out there was no connection, one to the other. We began to work from the inside out and they are thriving today.”

Every business owner wants to succeed, but many make serious missteps along the way. Cromartie is able to precisely identify what disconnects exist and help coach business owners in correcting them.

“The value in my business is simple. I work with my clients one-on-one to identify needs and coach the nine essential skills of exemplary customer service,” Cromartie says. “I’m passionate about customer service, it is fundamental in business. Consumers want to feel like they are appreciated.”

While her business focuses on developing individual relationships with businesses and business owners, Cromartie knows that the size of a business is less important than how well that business operates. Small businesses are better able to treat each customer as valued, welcome, and important. Lacking that, though, many customers will choose not to return. Therefore, she says, it’s essential that businesses set the right tone and get customer service right the first time.

“We are small, but our work is not,” Cromartie says. “We focus on going back to basics with service. It can be as simple as ‘hello.’”

For more information about Tiajuana Cromartie or CBCG, visit www.cromartiebryantgroup.com.

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