Rosie Pova celebrates 20th anniversary of immigration with three traditionally published children\’s books

Bulgarian immigrant and prolific children’s writer, Rosie J. Pova celebrates 20 years of immigration and “English language achievement” with the release of three traditionally published books

Rosie J. Pova is one of the children’s authors that have carved a niche for themselves in the industry. Since moving to the United States from Bulgaria two decades ago, Rosie has been able to overcome several challenges and obstacles, becoming a worldclass children’s writer. With books like Sarah’s Song and If I Weren’t With You already making waves across online bookshops like Amazon, Rosie has been able to serve as an encouragement for immigrants that are looking to succeed in a world full of hatred and opposition.

One of Rosie’s popular books is Sarah’s Song, where Rosie detailed the chronicles of a young girl named Sarah and how she continues to search for the perfect song to sing to her grandma. Sarah’s daily practice and determination to ensure she gets the perfect song for her grandma and the effect of the song on her grandma were also detailed in the book.

Sarah’s Song has started receiving accolades from different quarters one of which includes a review from Laura Purdie Salas, author of Meet My Family! Animal Babies and Their Families, “In this gentle story, Sarah’s love and determination to keep sharing a favorite activity with her aging grandma results in an updated family tradition and an even stronger bond. Reading this made me miss my mom so much! “

If I Weren’t With You is another masterpiece from Rosie, in a book where conversations between a cub and its mother was chronicled. The story line, which shows the love and affection between the mother and her cub has been likened to the popular The Runaway Bunny and like other works from Rosie, the book has made headlines. According to a review by Claire Lordon, Author and Illustrator of Lorenzo, the Pizza-Loving Lobster, “This sweet lyrical story, reminiscent of The Runaway Bunny, will delight children as well as adults. When little Willy asks Mama Bear what she would do if he weren’t here his mom responds using comparative poetry expressing her vast love for him.”

A Hug for the World is an anthology featuring a poem written by Rosie J. Pova. The poem titled Brotherhood and Love was written by Rosie, reiterating her creativity and versatility, with the poem stating the importance of love in the society.

Hailey Queen Pranking Makes Perfect: The Alien Encounter is another children’s book from the Bulgarian immigrant. The book tells the story of Hailey, a fourth grade prankster who feels like an alien in her own world. The story takes an interesting twist when she is visited by an alien who shows her what it means to be human.

Rosie is passionate about encouraging children to dream big and follow their passions.  Elementary school teachers are raving about her school visits that are fun, engaging and educational. Her visits also inspire students not only about her books and writing, but also to be the best they can possibly be and never give up on achieving their dreams.

Rosie is not just an author, but she also ensures that she contributes to the development of the community in any way she can. In addition to her books being written to help children develop the right mentality, Rosie also does some community donations, one of which is the donation of all the proceeds from the sale of A Hug for the World to the victims of Hurricane Harvey through the Salvation Army.

About Rosie J. Pova

Rosie J. Pova is a prolific children’s writer, a wife and a mother. Originally from Bulgaria, Rosie moved to the United States in 1998 and she has since written children poems and books, with many of her works making the headlines.

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