Pete Cho’s Thrilling Debut, Howlin’, with 5 New Remixes Released to Rock This Halloween

Debut pop single “Howlin’” from music producer Pete Cho is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon Music, and Google Play.

Chicago – October 13, 2017 – Chicago music producer Pete Cho has released his debut single “Howlin’” just in time for upcoming Halloween celebrations. The three-and-a-half-minute track was released through Effort Music Group LLC and contains smooth, haunting, and R&B infused vibes. Its 80’s horror yet modern pop production features eerie and mysterious elements that create an irresistibly attractive beat and suggestive nature.

“Lyrically, the track speaks about the lust for an undeniable love. All in all, this is a well-executed and catchy jam. Just enough edge, a captivating vibe, a great vocal performance and solid production. We’ll be knocking this for sure.” Brian Delaney from Rockdafuqout

CaesarLiveNLoud’s pop blog was equally impressed, “Howlin’ is such an infectious pop track with awesome synth works, driving basslines and smooth vocals. The chorus got stuck in my head and I really love this pop tune!”

What was originally a pitch for Jason Derulo, “Howlin’” found itself in the hands of co-producer and co-writer Dino Zisis who is often known for his contributions to Lady Gaga’s “Applause”. Patrick Hartman, Matthew Richert (Kpop’s BP Rania ‘Start a Fire’), Jamie Miller, and Johnathan Pratt (Swim Team) were similarly involved in the creation of “Howlin’” which translates to what the song is today. Also produced was a music video directed by T.A. Manchester (‘The Things We’ve Seen’) which can be found on Vevo’s music website.

Since the original release, five distinct remixes had been created including UJU remix (Future/EDM), Jayy Cross remix (Trap), Maclypse remix (Future House), Ambientronic remix (Electronica), and an 8-bit video game inspired remix by Marcelo Cataldo, all in which can be heard at Spotify.

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About Pete

Prior to the release of “Howlin’”, Pete spent a few years DJ’ing across the United States for shows such as Lollapalooza and North Coast Music Festival. Unfortunately, in 2013 his father became ill which required Pete’s presence at their family owned restaurant. Eventually he started his own successful restaurant called Gogi which is located in Chicago’s West Ridge neighborhood. Despite Gogi receiving ‘Best New Restaurant’ by Chicago Magazine, Pete’s interest in music was not lost. “After two years of running the restaurant, my dad told me that if I find passion in music again, I should get back to it and sell the restaurant business”. Following his father’s advice, Pete sold Gogi in 2016 to pursue his passion for music and he never looked back.

Pete Cho is set to release more projects in the near future. For information, visit his website at

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