Need to Convert Analog Recordings To Digital? Conversion Experts Urge Immediate Action

Audiophiles face declining numbers of vinyl recordings and have a real problem on their hands because of the fragile form of records and face slight degradation of sound quality with each listen. The urgency of converting peoples recordings to digital in order to preserve precious memories has prompted online media conversion specialists with to offer a service special offer available for a limited time.

Just as the compact disc was largely responsible for the demise of vinyl it is the same medium that can help resurrect and preserve precious recordings from deterioration. offers media services nationally and has built a reputation for their extensive attention to detail and sound quality, they have been providing media transfers and digital recovery services with over 30 years of professional experience.

Converting Vinyl to CD will allow:

Improved sound fidelity with reduction of clicks and pops
Recording retains the feel of vinyl
Sound quality enhancements & hiss reduction

“The sound of vinyl and the life and depth of a unique analog recording can and should be preserved. We can keep all the aspects you love while transferring the recording to a format that will last and sound just as crystal clear years from now,” stated Tom Pryor, editor with

Digital recordings result in media that not only preserves quality, but makes it easy for making high quality copies, sending over the internet, and other uses for both the professional and hobbyist. hopes to help preserve these treasures of the past and keep them in circulation for generations to come.

A nationally known company that has provided digitial media services for people with over 30 years of professional Hollywood experience. To learn more about their digitization services and preservation efforts, click here to visit:

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