A Gyzmo’s all you need to reign over all your smart devices

Sept 24, 2014.  Florida, USA – This little Gyzmo is going to make your life a whole lot easier – and fast!  If you can push a button you can regain control over all your electronic devices, enhance your personal safety, and simplify every-day life.

In a nutshell, you can now enable your smart devices from far away.  Revolutionize the way you use your phone or tablet. As Gyzmo’s Head of Embedded Development Jeff DeWitte explains, “What excites me most is how versatile it can be. This was something that was said to be impossible but now that we’ve achieved it, we’ve created endless possibilities.” He adds that they are also very excited to see what other developers and users do with the device.  That’s why they are launching this Kickstarter campaign now.  These guys have done their homework and are ready. Now they need your help to put this little wonder in your hands.

Lost your keys again? No problem. The Gyzmo can locate keys or your phone in seconds by making it ring. You also have total control of your house lights remotely. One of the best features? It can enhance your personal safety. Every Gyzmo comes with a built-in panic button. Just squeeze and hold the side of the device: it turns into a panic button!  The Gyzmo can be set to dial emergency numbers and transmit your GPS.  Use this button to call a designated driver when it’s time to get a  lift home, or discreetly call for help from a potentially dangerous situation.  Easy to use for anyone – including kids and the elderly – just hold down the button and your pre-programmed emergency contacts are sent vital information instantly. If being a life saver wasn’t enough, the Gyzmo can even be pre-set to change slides with ease. Can your current key chain do that?

There are plenty of perks for getting involved. With donations starting at just $1 anyone can jump in.  From mugs to T-shirts and more, there’s something for everyone to get a piece of the action. Get a Gyzmo custom tank top – perfect for the beach.  Pledge $20 or more and get a custom designed Gyzmo T-shirt, and an invite to their “Backers ONLY Facebook Group.” Want a Gyzmo for you and a special friend? Take advantage of the Couples Special. For $129 or more you’ll receive two (2) Standard Gyzmos along with FREE access to the Gyzmo App and invites to their “Backers ONLY Facebook Group”.

Want to get your hands on one for yourself?  Grab the ‘Early Bird Special’ for $49. You’ll get one (1) Standard Gyzmo and FREE access to the Gyzmo App and an invitation to the “Backers ONLY Facebook Group” *add $20 for shipping outside the USA.  Estimated delivery: April 2015.

Want to be more involved (and a chance to be a star)? For $1,000 or more grab the “Hollywood Special”.   You and a friend will be in their next Gyzmo Commercial! You also score (2) Elite Gyzmos and (2) Gyzmo T-shirts (US shipping only) – and of course access to their “Backers ONLY” Facebook Group.

Check out all the details and funky colors on the new Kickstarter campaign. You’ll see how sleek it is, and how easy (and fun) it can be to take a long-range group “selfies”. There are also some significant safety advantages for those wanting a little extra security for medical or personal reasons. With the push of Gyzmo’s button, your pre-programmed contacts are called quickly and discreetly. 

There are multiple benefits to having a discreet way to get in touch with a trusted friend. From getting out of a bullying situation to a bad date, the Gyzmo can call someone for you – instantly.  After a night out with the gang keep the roads safer and use the Gyzmo to signal a designated driver that it is time to roll.  Whatever you throw at it – Gyzmo  can handle it all. From phone finding to starting your favorite tunes from across the living room.  For all the details, pictures and video check out the campaign site.  Even if you can’t donate, be sure to share the links widely.  Gyzmo Kickstarter campaign

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