Offers Creative App Design and Development Services to Engage Clients’ Customers is a Galway based company that offers a wide range of creative app design and development, which helps clients facilitate customer payments, reach and engage a wider audience, and collect more data on users, which in turn allow clients to tailor promotional messages to their customers’ interests. The services offered by the company include iOS app development, Android app development, gaming app development, and hybrid mobile app development.

What separate from other competitors are their team of project managers, app designers, app developers, and testers who have combined experience of more than 30 years in building native as well as HTML powered cross-platform apps. Due to this experience, the company has developed a deep insight into what makes mobile apps successful. has succeeded in developing apps for a range of clients from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. offers clients two things. Firstly, a dedicated and consistent team who will work with the client’s project from start to finish without any frequent changes in members. Secondly, an in-house device lab that is capable of testing over 50 types of device on all the different operating systems. This ensures the client’s app is properly tested on all devices before it reaches the end-user.

For their app design services, goes through a rigorous process in making sure the design attracts and make life easier for the clients’ end user. They achieve this through an understanding of the purpose of the clients’ app, work on prototypes on paper with UI/UX testing and focus groups, and use what they learn from them to improve the design, repeating the process until the company gets the design right. also incorporates design elements to meet the challenges posed by iOS and Android platforms so the app is able to work on all devices.

Once a design is complete, goes through the development process so that the clients’ app is stable and operates smoothly. This involves writing a safe and reliable code into the app, thorough testing by the quality assurance (QA) team of the app at the in-house device lab, and post-launch monitoring to ensure that the app can cope with the incoming traffic of users.

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