Newark’s Premier Craft Brewery Set to Open New Location in Late 2017

Newark, Delaware – When adults think of craft beer, they might picture breweries in Germany, New York, or somewhere equally exotic. Some people travel far and wide to find esteemed and famous breweries with craft beer that lives up to its name. For the residents of Newark, Delaware, they don’t have to look very far.

Delaware has an extensive and long history with beer. In the 1600s, flour mills were created on the Brandywine River. The legend of craft beer continues to this day with the opening of the new location of Midnight Oil Brewing Company.

Midnight Oil Brewing Company began when Mike Dunlap started brewing a homemade beer in his home. His goal was to save money, but he gained so much more than that. Pretty soon, Mike’s friends were forgetting about their store-bought beers and instead opting to sip on his homemade brew. From here, a mere hobby became a business.

The term “burning the midnight oil” is used to describe how much effort and commitmentone has put into working on something over a certain period of time. At Midnight Oil Brewing Company, the team takes pride in their hard work and dedication to the craft of making beer.

The feeling of accomplishment and pride is what those at Midnight Oil Brewing Company strive to create. In every pint of Midnight Oil Brewing Company Beer, that same feeling, taste, and flavor are expected to be savored with every sip. One of the objectives of the Midnight Oil Brewing Company is to create a beer that people look forward to after a hard, productive day of work. Now, with the upcoming opening of their new brewery, the company is excited to expand their business and offer their premium craft brews to more of their community.

Aside from supplying rewarding and refreshing beer, the Midnight Oil Brewing Company also actively supports local organizations. This includes Extra Life, a group of gamers who generate funds in support of the Children’s Miracle Network and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

They also offer various blog posts about beer, certifications in making beer, and jargon and common terms in the beer world.

The Midnight Oil Brewing Company can not only be found on their website, but also on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. With the opening of their new brewery location, they can also be found in closer proximity to residents of Newark, where they hope to better serve the needs and tastes of their community in Delaware.

Media Contact
Company Name: Midnight Oil Brewing Company
Contact Person: Mike Dunlap
Phone: (302)-286-7641
Address:674 PencaderDr
City: Newark
State: DE 19711
Country: United States