LEDMALL launches the World’s First Full Spectrum WHITE Laser Christmas Lighting Projector

Californian-based tech company, LEDMall, has announced the official launch of the first Full Spectrum WHITE Laser Christmas Lighting Projector for holidays, weddings and all year round landscape lighting

The world’s first Full Spectrum WHITE Laser Christmas Lighting Projector has been launched by popular tech company, LEDMall. The full spectrum white laser projector is the first of its kind, reportedly taking the company over two years before the eventual release of the product. The lighting projector is designed for weddings, holidays and all year around landscape lighting.

The LEDMALL White Laser Lights is designed to provide the perfect relief for landscape and interior designers as well as homeowners that want to beautify the homes for seasons and celebrations like Christmas, weddings and other such events.

The world’s first White Laser Christmas Lights is a product of hundreds of hours of research and design, countless prototypes and lots of patience. The LEDMall team announced the launch of the Christmas lights using LEDMALL patented advanced optics. This ensured a pure white laser Christmas star effects is achieved. The technology also ensures the natures full spectrum all 7 colors, dominate White, red, green, blue, teal, pink, yellow are achieved.

Some of the many exciting features of the projector include

  • Seven Colors to Choose From
  • Motion at Slow/Fast Speeds & Stopped (Static)
  • Triple High Output Laser Diodes for Longer Reach and Intensity
  • Remote Controller
  • High Grade Hybrid Polymer Housing
  • Extendable Yard Stake and Indoor Base Stand
  • Quick Angle Adjustment
  • Security Cable Inlet
  • Four Operating Modes – chasing mode, pulse mode, fade mode and twinkle mode


The unique Semiconductor WHITE LASER Christmas and Decorative lights come with motion and star effects, and huge coverage. The power ratio control used in making the lights ensures the 7 colors of nature including pure white. The dominant white laser is formed by pure semiconductor Red, Green and Blue laser, with all colors in proper ratios to form star shape pinpoints.

The 7 colors of nature are optimized for decorative lights, outdoor holiday décor, and decorative outdoor lighting projectors. The product also comes with speed control and flash or static, allowing users to control the system to suit their taste.

The remote control, motion and timer ensure that users can manipulate the lighting to suit the event. The full spectrum white laser Christmas lighting projector also has an indoor base stage, outdoor stake extension and timer setting that allows users to set the operation time to 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours as they desire, with speed and moving controls.

The product is FDA approved Class II, with waterproof IP 65: IP65. The plug and play device has a long power cord that allows for good range flexibility. The projector comes with 14 days return policy and 1 year repair or replacement warranty from the purchase date.

About LEDMall

LEDMall are the pioneers and technological leaders headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. The company is poised with bringing laser lighting technology to the doorstep of everyone by ensuring general application purposes. LEDMall comprises of a team of dedicated designers, engineers and entrepreneurs striving to design and develop the best high end Remote Control Laser Christmas and Landscape lighting, and high quality LED General Lighting products.

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