The first information sharing social site where users can actually earn from posting questions and answers has arrived. Introducing DropAnswer, a first class information sharing site out to make information sharing even more profitable.

Many content creators dream of actually making money from the information they provide to others but many social sharing sites don’t offer this opportunity to them. Well, that dream is about to come through with DropAnswer. DropAnswer is the world’s first information sharing site that actually allows users to monetize the content they provide ensuring greater value for providing information. Users will also be able to vote for the best responses giving those with high quality content recognition and an opportunity to earn more money. What a dream come through!

The DropAnswer platform uses blockchain intelligence system to find your interested topics and send you weekly updates on those topics. You will remain connected with the updates of your favorite topics. The DropAnswer platform is very unique in its way to assist everyone around the world. If are professional in any field or a rookie have questions in your mind, just ask them on DropAnswer and you will get best answers from experts which can change your life. DropAnswer is a special platform here to change as many lives as possible. Questions asked on this platform is easily answered alongside a chance to earn some money.

A better personal connection between users is encouraged on DropAnswer. Users are free to ask any question to any specific person. One can only invite those they think could help them and get answer from them. Users can also email and invite people from around the world to help them out. Making friends is a key part of social life and DropAnswer boosts relationships by allowing users to make friends and follow each other. If you like someone, they answer your question or you think they think like you, you can follow them or make friends with them. You can also invite them to any of your question or simply say Hello to them with end to end encrypted chat.

DropAnswer makes use of real time viewer analytics, the first of its kind in information sharing. Users can see accurately how many times their posts were scrolled and even clicked. Users get paid using DeeCoin which is the basic currency of the system. All members will get paid for posting question, answer, like, comment and upvote. The system will only reward those who add something positive to the community and punish those who will try to cheat the system. DBooster is the power of the system. On DropAnswer DBooster will determine how influential you are. It means more DBooster you have more influential and more powerful you will be on the platform. It cannot be bought directly. It can only be purchased by DeeCoin on the platform. This is to ensure members share the long-term approach to being on the platform ensuring sustainability and continuity.Moreover,external advertisement revenue will add more profits to Dbooster holders.

About DropAnswer

DropAnswer was established in June 2017 and will start token sales from November 15 to December 15 2017. The platforms beta launch will start in May 2018 and end in October 2018. Advertisements and brand campaigns will commence In November 2018. Make sure to mark these dates as DropAnswer is about to revolutionize the information sharing world.      

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Company Name: DropAnswer
Contact Person: Eric Ruckis
Phone: +1 806 254 8732
Country: United States