Ever considered the use of a platform that helps you make additional income any time you carry out a transaction?

The increasing desire of people to go cashless has given birth to the establishment of an innovative company that handles the need for cashless purchasing, and also ensure adequate steps to reward the users of its services.

Unlike the use of bitcoin, the Mama captain purchases are made using a unique coin known as the Mama coins. Retail businesses widely accept the Mama coins, and so can readily be used in carrying out business transactions at any time.

Mama Captain aims to be the best managed and largest payment platform, so the company is committed towards the delivery of top-notch services.

Ensuring a high level of professionalism also enables the company to provide a fair platform for all parties that play a role in the success of its business process.

The advisory team of Mama Captain is made up of personnel who have earned more than 20 years’ experience in international trade and finance business management.

The technological know-how of Mama Captain has enabled the company to own its Research and Development capabilities. This attribute is evident in the use of the latest technologies in the operation of its automated machine.

The required business relationship with partners is ensured by Mama Captain, as the company possesses a formidable team that can carry out all marketing and business development projects.

Excellent customer service is a priority for Mama Captain, so all intending customers need not bother about issues that concern financial transactions.

To enjoy the benefits provided by the company, new users are expected to sign up on the Mama captain platform. The availability of the Mama captain mobile App also makes it easy to engage in instant transactions.

More information about Mama Captain and its services can be obtained from its website and the YouTube video link attached below;


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Media Contact
Company Name: Mama Captain
Contact Person: Josh Lambert
Phone: +44 772 066 0109
Address:30-34 Hampton Court Rd
State: Southampton
Country: United Kingdom