KASSKIT- stops drivers from using their phones while behind the wheel



16 October 2017- A countless number of road accidents have happened due to drivers taking their eyes off the road to operate their phones thereby losing concentration for that period of time. These road accidents sometimes have fatal repercussions for the drivers, passengers and innocent bystanders. If luckily there were no fatality, a lot of financial damages are incurred in the process. To solve this depressing problem plaguing our system today, KASSKIT Technologies have designed a fascinating application that stops drivers from accessing their phones while behind the wheel.

KASSKIT is a combination of hardware and software that stops drivers from accessing their phones. In other words, it stops drivers from texting or tweeting as long as they are in the driver’s seat and the car is turned on. It is brilliantly designed to remove all distractions that might take a driver’s mind off the road. This incredible app will go a long way to saving lives and billions on insurance premium.


The KASSKIT hardware consists of a small device embedded within a substitute sun visor, designed to match the driver’s current one perfectly. The KASSKIT software is compatible with every Smartphone operating system like ios, android, windows, etc. The KASSKIT phone dock is a modified docking station which charges phone while allowing for the use of the phone, including Navigation.


When the vehicle is turned on, the KASSKIT hardware transmits a signal within the driver’s space only, such that when any Smartphone with KASSKIT software enters that area the Smartphone’s screen is automatically locked. The software allows for incoming/outgoing calls through the vehicle’s built-in commsystem. Only when the phone is placed in the KASSKIT dock, the software will be disabled and the driver will have full access to their phone.

They will be launching a KickStarter campaign in 2 weeks, to help fund the ongoing research and testing. So do well to back this revolutionary software.

To learn more about this outstanding software please visit www.kasskit.com or call (+61) 1300 79 83 86


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