Upsilon.Tech Now Offering Wholesale Metal Tubing, Industrial Design, and OEM Manufacturing Services to American Clients

Zhangzhou, CHINA – Finding the right infrastructural materials and resources for a project can be a tricky process, in part because of the difficulty inidentifying a dependable company or selecting quality product. As a global wholesaler and OEM manufacturer, Upsilon.Tech provides an array of options for metal tubing as well as services for custom engineering solutions to clients who are trying to put a new project plan into motion. They are also a leader in the world of OEM manufacturing. Ever expanding their reach and accessibility, Upsilon.Tech has officially opened its products and services to American clients.

Upsilon.Tech offers wholesale metal tubing to fit a variety of project needs and concerns. Upsilon.Tech offers three different types of metal tubing: stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. Offered in a variety of thicknesses and diameters, their metal tubing options are fit for a wide array of commercial and industrial purposes. China has been a major manufacturer of metals in the global market, and companies like Upsilon. Tech are the reason that the companies around the world turn to China to manufacture and supply metals and metal products.

Part of what comprises the unique company identity of Upsilon. Tech is that they are the only company in the world that specially concentrates incorporating the engineering and industrial potentials of the telescoping pole. Telescoping poles and tubing are versatile products that can be used for numerous activities and applications, just a few examples being the ever popular selfie sticks, flag poles or even strap handlers for the logistics and transportation industry.

Upsilon.Tech is also an OEM manufacturer, which means that many of its products and services focus on helping other companies create their products.  To compliment this, Upsilon.Tech specializes in custom engineering solutions. When a client has an idea for project that is in need of assistance, Upsilon.Tech will consult with the client and discuss ideas for industrial designs and solutions as well as the financial estimates associated with those solutions. From there, Upsilon.Tech will create samples and send them to the client, get approval of a mass order, and finally package and ship the order to the client.

After 30 years, Upsilon.Tech continues to work with global clients to provide them with clear, manageable solutions, products, and services and now they will embark on offering it to American clients as well.

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