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Breathe easy with Sniff Relief.
Sniff Relief is a self-heating face mask that warms up your nose and surrounding areas to relieve sinus pressure and alleviate the symptoms of runny noses. This self-heating mask naturally unblocks your sinuses and alleviates pressure. Where medicine can take hours to kick in, Sniff Relief gives you fast, effective relief.

Sniff Relief launched a Kickstarter campaign last year, and has blown past their $15,000 goal, raising nearly $60,000 in just over a month.

Promoting fast sinus relief without pills or sprays, Sniff Relief is a mask that uses heat to unblock nasal passages naturally, without chemicals or side effects.  

According to the company, typical nose sprays are not only addictive, they’re also ineffective, producing an effect known as “rebound congestion,” which causes nasal passages to become even more swollen and blocked than they were before taking medication. Sufferers of rebound congestion are significantly worse off than they were before treatment, trapped in a cycle of having to depend on a nasal spray just to breathe.

Sniff Relief relieves sinus and allergy symptoms without chemicals, and starts working in a matter of minutes. 

It’s all-natural, using only heat to clear nasal passages, and it’s also reusable and comfortable to wear. The mask is operated via an included remote that allows wearers to turn the device on or off, change the display settings and increase or decrease the temperature.

The adjustable elastic strap allows the mask to stay comfortably in place while the mendable nose bridge is designed to mold around the shape of your nose giving you a snug and custom fit. Use the remote to adjust your Sniff Relief settings. The 4 buttons on the remote allows you to power your mask on or off, change the display settings, or increase/decrease the temperature. Sniff Relief allows you to breathe easy while performing your everyday tasks. Responds to emails, watch TV, or read a book will you get relief. No need to constantly buy pills and sprays that can often cause more problems than they solve. Buy a Sniff Relief once and use it without fear or reservation and breathe easy knowing you’re not using any harsh chemicals or pills to get relief.

Because it’s a one-time purchase, Sniff Relief is also a significantly less expensive solution than medication.

Creator and founder Tibi Kopes suffered from sinus issues for 30 years before discovering heat therapy. After researching the market, he was shocked to realize that no one had created an effective heat therapy solution for sinus and allergy sufferers. He used his background in electronic component production, teaming up with his IT specialist nephew, Arthur Boia, and Sniff Relief was born.

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