Teaming With Wipfli and Microsoft Speeds Liftoff of DocLaunch

Enterprise level financial technology service powered by blockchain to begin live testing within weeks

MILWAUKEE, WI – 17 Oct, 2017 – Aided by critical development assistance from Wipfli/SpiderLogic and access to Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform DocLaunch is poised to deploy its blockchain powered documentation management software in November.

Known primarily for its role in the creation and growth of Bitcoin, blockchain applications outside of the crypto currency realm have been long promised for the finance, health care and government sectors. Milwaukee based startup DocLaunch, LLC will soon release what it believes to be the first enterprise SaaS solution powered by blockchain technology.

Wipfli, one of the country’s largest accounting and consulting firms partnered with DocLaunch in August as part of their commitment to supporting viable blockchain technologies. Access to Wipfli’s subsidiary company SpiderLogic and their 300 engineers has accelerated DocLaunch’s on-ramp.

“We know we need to stay ahead of what’s happening in the technology world” said Wipfli’s FinTech Senior Manager Girish Ramachandra. “Blockchain is going to revolutionize core business functions like accounting in the next five to ten years – which is why we were eager to work with DocLaunch to bring their software to market as quickly as possible.”

“DocLaunch is nothing if not ambitious – our goal is to provide the most robust documentation management software enterprise customers around the globe have ever seen,” said DocLaunch Founder Michael Adam. “The support of Wipfli and SpiderLogic allowed us to move up our development timeline by months. They were instrumental in ensuring the platform is capable of managing complex documentation and payments ecosystems using blockchain and distributed ledger technology.”

DocLaunch’s deployment has also been aided by access to the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. In addition to hosting the document management software, this ongoing relationship with Microsoft is exposing DocLaunch to actors across the tech landscape.

“Refining our technology and building out the security levels for the financial and health care sectors required a solution that Microsoft stepped up to provide,” said Mr. Adam. “Access to Azure’s secure environment came at a critical time in our development and ensured we could move up our deployment schedule.”

Enterprise level organizations interested in participating in the limited release are encouraged to contact DocLaunch immediately.

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