Chisom Odoemene And Alaya Levi Salley Launches Campaign On Indiegogo To Achieve The Mission Of Her Footprints

Chisom Odoemene and Alaya Levi Salley announces launch of fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo for Her Footprints.

Chisom Odoemene and Alaya Levi Salley, co-founders of Californian-based non-profit organization, Her Footprints have taken the crowdfunding route to meet the goals of their organization. Her Footprints, the non-profit organization co-founded by both of them is on a mission of empowering girls to be bold, strong and fit while on the trails of nature and beyond.

“Our organization has been offering hiking adventures for young women of color living in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2015,” says co-founder Chisom Odoemene. “Research has shown that outdoors promotes creativity, happiness, and resilience not only on a hiking trail but in our day to day lives. Our hiking enrichment program works on this premise and is designed to empower girls so that they become bold, strong and fit while on nature trails.”

Her Footprints is on a mission to make girls strong and confident. The nature trails organized by Her Footprints enable young women to leave their footprints along the path of self-discovery while simultaneously learning about the beauty of nature around them.

Her Footprints is emerging as an effective platform that young women can use to interact with one another through physical activity, peer support, and most importantly, fresh air. They organize monthly hikes around the San Francisco Bay Area through an innovative model during the school year. The journey on the trails is one that begins with her mind and body and then goes further to incorporate mentorship, new experiences and peer support.

The nature trails are organized after extensive planning. Her Footprints takes onboard volunteers who are professionals ready to serve as mentors to the girls. The organization comprises of six executive board members and three advisors from the field of legal, policy and college admissions.

According to Chisom Odoemene, the unique nature trails program delivers a wonderfully positive experience to the girls at a pretty early age. It promotes sisterhood as the girls develop mutual respect and understanding. It also helps build confidence as the participants have to deal with new and challenging experiences. They discover their true inner strength and capabilities. The experience also encourages healthy living and awakens their creativity. On nature trails, they are continuously exposed to new environments and must innovate and improvise constantly to emerge successful.

One of the key takeaways of the mission is that it instills a great sense of confidence and achievement. Young women feel that they have it in them to make a place for themselves anywhere in the world.

Her Footprints has tied up with Frick Impact Academy to pilot their program with sixth grade girls during 2016-17. They have together already hosted seven hikes covering 15 miles with 14 girls over an eight-month period.

Her Footprints is aiming to raise $5,840 from their Indiegogo campaign. 100% of the contribution will go towards funding the monthly program costs.

About Her Footprints:

Her Footprints is a non-profit organization founded by Chisom Odoemene and Alaya Levi Salley in 2015. The mission of the organization is to empower young girls of color with the right life tools so that they can navigate the challenges smoothly and gain confidence to deal with real life trials, uncertainties and difficulties.

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