‘Interdimensional Communication’ by Dr Heather Harder Reveals Easy Ways to Connect to the Other World

Crown Point, IN – Talking to spirits can be a life changing experience. Everyone would agree, but how does one go about making the connection? A new book by author, coach and speaker Dr. Heather Anne Harder provides every insight and the nut and bolts needed to communicate with the inhabitants of the world beyond the visible: the dead, ghosts, angels and spirits.

‘Interdimensional Communication: The Art and Science of Talking to Ghosts, Spirits, Angels and Other Dead People’ is an exhaustive, wide ranging look at every aspect of the woo-woo world told by an experienced scholar. The biggest myth it bursts is that only a ‘select few’ can talk to spirits.

“Everyone can do it. This is a personal guidance system that everyone has access to. It has application to every facet of life.  It makes everything make more sense.  Knowing who to talk to is important.  Just because they’re dead doesn’t make them smart!” says Dr. Heather.

“Learn the rules of etiquette of the spiritual realm. You will gain valuable insights into the nature of life and the greater reality that lies beyond the physical world,” said an anonymous ghost.

The proof is in the writing, and Dr Heather has gathered sufficient experience and shared the dark secrets with thousands to connect cosmically. The list includes corporate leaders, NASA engineers, lawyers, doctors, even priests and rabbis.

Interdimensional Communication addresses a vast number of topics, challenges and issues, such as what makes dead people dead, how the communication process works, why would a dead person want to talk to us, and what to do in case you dial a wrong number. The book also reveals how to pick up the cosmic pone and make a call, why calls are not always answered, the easiest time to connect, the easiest techniques to begin talking, and how to protect oneself.

“Opening this dimensional doorway is like turning up the voltage to gain masterful intuition, “says Dr Heather, who hold a Ph.D. and is an experienced personal and business consultant, professional speaker, and a feature guest on hundreds of radio and television shows nationwide. Some of her past works include: Dimensions & The Awakening of Divine Consciousness, Many Were Called — Few Were Chosen, Perfect Power in Consciousness, and Exploring Life’s last Frontier.

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