Moirai’s Revolutionary Decentralized Prediction Market to Create a Sustainable Economy

The power of the human mind has not yet realised its full potential. Prediction markets could solve this problem as many scientists and futurists claim that open source collective intelligence is able to generate superior results in many outcomes, such as in the prediction of future events. 

Unlike traditional financial markets, prediction markets are all about questions regarding the future. They have observed a significant surge over the last several decades due to their superior ability to effectively aggregate all available information which is relevant to the outcome of an event, to which the payoff is tied to. They are successfully applied in various domains: from politics and sports predictions to economic derivatives and Hollywood’s stock exchange. 

Moirai is a new approach to predicting future events that uses the power of collective intelligence. By leveraging technologies of Blockchain & cryptocurrencies, it aims to become a disruptive force in various global markets, including finance, insurance, sports betting, political event prediction, and information.

The company has built a long-term cooperative operating model that will provide unique incentivisation opportunities for the economy, on a global and local scale.

The business strategy of Moirai comprises a platform for trade and investment through the use of digital applications in the prevailing conventional markets. That platform uses a large variety of instruments and tools based on finance including commodities, currencies, shares, indices and many others. The users will have the ability to earn profits from participating in the various events related to prediction.

Moirai is the official organisation behind the MOI token (cryptographic currency), technology, and a robust operational model.

The growing demand of MOI at the platform of Moirai is expected to grow after its launch because of the increase in the active users, active providers, and the increase in the number of events on which both the providers and the users depend.

“The main goal of the platform is to satisfy and create value for its customers. Moirai focuses on creating a sustainable economy, where investors can participate in prediction events and make a profit. Its major competitive advantage is free of charge user subscription, which is based on the vision of fair and transparent prediction market,” CEO, Gary Taylor, explains, adding that the revenue model of the business is based on the price of the MOI token and therefore, the company is able to take a stand with its direct competitors in Blockchain-based prediction market platforms: Gnosis, Augur, and Stox.

The application will also have its desktop and mobile iOS and Android versions. 

Moirai is organising an ICO to enable funding of this futuristic venture in the value of $5,000,000 USD. The total value of the prediction market is difficult to estimate due to lack of consistency in how it is regulated in different parts of the world but it is expected to reach $ 37.78 billion by 2023, which surely seems worth to be a part of, and Moirai seems to be providing an infrastructure which even reduces the exposure to regulatory scrutiny. 

After the ICO, MOI will be traded at Kraken, EtherDelta, Bitfinex, Paxful, Bitstamp and Bisq exchange. 

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