Marketing For Professionals: The Handbook For Emerging Entrepreneurs of The 21st Century by Dr. Daryl Green

Now Available on Several Online Outlets, The Book is Being Offered With a DVD Bundle That Includes Workbook, E-book & DVD Video

October 17, 2017 – Dr. Daryl D. Green has proudly announced the release of his new DVD bundle for his latest book called ‘Marketing for Professionals’. The bundle contains workbook, e-book and video that are available for download on several media outlets. This new Kindle book by Dr. Green is written for the energetic and enthusiastic business owners who have decided to open up their businesses and want to be the best professional marketers. The book is now available online at, Barnes & Noble, online bookstores, and all book retailers. 

“This book is written for all the aspiring entrepreneurs, who are tired of their everyday job and are not satisfied with what they are doing in their lives,” said Dr. Daryl Green, while talking about the new book. “In this book, I have mainly focused on the basic principles of marketing facts which include; marketing strategy, new product deployment, competition, marketing mix and several other techniques, which they can find very useful,” he added. Dr. Green enjoys writing for popular media and he has inspired many rising entrepreneurs and millennial with his work.

In addition, Dr. Green has also focused on the 4P’s (place, product, price and promotion), niche market segmentation, and marketing analyses for the upcoming entrepreneurs. Moreover, the book evidently observes the problems ahead for any emerging business and also determines relevant marketing concepts to grow the newly formed businesses. Furthermore, the new book provides an objective for directing clear of marketing landmines by concentrating on market opportunities in an organized way. 

About Dr. Daryl D. Green:

Dr. Daryl Green, assistant professor of business in Oklahoma Baptist University and Dickinson chair of business. His preferred business courses are leadership, strategy; and marketing, and his research areas mostly include leadership, management and decision-making. He has issued more than 15 articles in various academic journals and attends many editorial boards for several academic journals.

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