Better Cover Letter Receives Praise for Competitive and Specialized Cover Letters

Sacramento, CA – Many people, when applying for a job, pay a lot of attention to their resumé, but little attention to their cover letter. While the resume is highly important, the cover letter is as well and should certainly not be ignored. The cover letter gives applicants a chance to speak and tell the employer things that cannot be fully deduced from the resume alone. If articulated eloquently, the cover letter may be more influential in getting a potential employee hired than the resumé. Better Cover Letter understands this and wants to help people in many different lines of work get hired.

Readers of Better Cover Letter have spoken highly of the helpful information on the company’s website. Better Cover Letter features example cover letters for several jobs, including an administrative assistant cover letter, a teacher cover letter, a receptionist cover letter, an executive assistant cover letter, and a software engineer cover letter. However, the information provided can be extended to a plethora of additional occupations. Better Cover Letter speaks of highlighting strengths and communicating excitement about the position. Both are crucial to convey in a good cover letter.

The cover letter is an important document that could mean the difference between getting hired and still being unemployed. Some believe it is just arbitrary extra work that companies force applicants to go through, but applicants can turn the tables and use it to their advantage to showcase their skills and persuasively explain why they are perfect for the advertised job. If the cover letter is seen more as an opportunity than an obligation, it is much more likely to be written better and be more effective in leading to hiring. After the right approach is taken, it is important for applicants to understand the basic structure, which luckily websites like Better Cover Letter can greatly help with.

Looking at a multitude of example cover letters is one of the best ways to see the different styles that exist and pick a format that works best for each individual candidate and job type. The cover letter should be a personal representation of the applicant that will show the potential employer that they want to hire that applicant. They are not one size fits all but there are certain aspects that should be present.When writing a cover letter one can never get too much advice or read too many examples. Fortunately, companies like Better Cover Letter are ready to help with their expansive selection of examples and nuanced advice.

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