2017 Overwatch APAC announced 12 Competing Teams, the Event will start on 19th October

Hosted by Blizzard Entertainment and Banana Culture Gaming & Media, a worldwide offline tournament – 2017 Overwatch APAC Premier will be officially curtain-up on 19 th October. All 12 competing teams will be announced today, including top teams from four major divisions – China, South Korea, North America and the Pacific. In addition, a mystery guest will to be invited to the grand final, bringing different style as a game caster for the very first time. Tickets have gone on sale on 11th October,and twitch will broadcast the whole tournament.

Tickets for Group Qualifier: enter the ticketing website
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As one of the most expected tournament in 2017, APAC has gathered 12 world-class teams for top level of the competition in Overwatch, and they were finally announced today. Started with four top teams from OWPS (Overwatch Premier Series, Chinese top professional league): Team MY,Team 1246,Team VG, and Team MT1. And top teams from APEX (South Korea top Professional league) including Team MVP SPACE, Team AF BLUE, Team GC Busan, and Team Runaway. Meanwhile we also invited a strong competitor from OC(Overwatch Contenders, North America top Professional league)which is Team ENVISION and Team FLASH WOLVES, Team BLANK ESPORTS and Team AHQ from OPC(Overwatch Pacific Championship, high level Overwatch league of Pacific region). Battles are coming on 29th October, and all these top teams and players will be here in Shanghai, fighting for the highest honor of APAC. Let’s see who can take it home!

The schedules of 2017 Overwatch APAC Premier:

(Team Runaway and Team GC Busan will be advanced to top 8, together with Team MY and Team 1246, the final schedule will be done according to the final result of Apex.)

The commentator Team of 2017 Overwatch APAC Premier

This competition will be equipped with the best casters in Overwatch, including Jason Kaplan, James Lee who are very popular and well-known on Twitch, and best Chinese casters as Xiaoyao, Ms-Joy, Chixiaotu, Youjiang, Nai8, Roy, Muzi, Xiaogui, Danny, LaoChen are also included.

Jason Kaplan
Jason Kaplan has been a caster for 5 years and started working with Overwatch back in the beta of 2015. He is so excited to be back again cast APAC Premier 2017 after having done it last year. It’s his favorite event of the year and he can’t wait to see the competition.

James Lee
James Lee take the opportunity of being involved with APAC for an absolute privilege. Having covered most of these regions, he looks forward to cast these teams & game. He is extremely excited to see how each team stacks up against each other.


The Venue of 2017 Overwatch APAC Premier

Venue information: APAC Premier will be hold in different venues, the Group Qualifier of first phase will located in Cloud SPACE, Baoshan show Ave., No.258 Zhongchengzhigu Industrial Park, Changjiang Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, and the Knockout Stage,as well as the Finals will located in National Exhibition and Convention Center(shanghai), No.333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai.

Cloud SPACE, Baoshan show Ave., address: No.258 Zhongchengzhigu Industrial Park, Changjiang road, Baoshan District, Shanghai. Chinese top professional tournament OWPS (Overwatch Premier Series)was held here for whole year 2017. 

National Exhibition and Convention Center(shanghai), address: No.333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai.

For more information, please follow the APAC Premier official website http://apac.blz.cn

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