Alphabet Secretarial promises a 2-hour response time for queries on corporate transcription services

When it comes to transcription services, Alphabet Secretarial is one name that comes to mind, particularly as it has been operating as a corporate, legal, pharmaceutical, and academic transcription provider for years. And with its 2-business hour response time, clients are more than satisfied.

UNITED KINGDOM – 17 Oct, 2017 – Alphabet Secretarial is one transcription service provider which has worked with some of the most renowned and leading companies across the globe, providing them with transcription services that are second to none.

This is particularly true for Alphabet Secretarial’s corporate transcription services, which, as the company and its clients attest, is beyond par. Alphabet Secretarial confirms, “Our corporate transcription clients range from outstanding pharmaceutical research organisations to retail giants. Amongst our daily workload we transcribe disciplinary hearings and HR investigations, which play an important part in the transcription process. We regularly deal with Q&A sessions. Our corporate transcription clients rely on us to provide an accurate and completely confidential service. They expect to receive transcription of their analyses, data, cases and findings, as recorded.”

Alphabet Secretarial has worked closely with different companies and corporations, from financial firms and institutions to membership groups and organisations, some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry, and other global business companies. Alphabet Secretarial further explains, “(We have) gained a solid reputation for working with prestigious clients world-wide. We work in unison and consider our corporate transcription service to be an asset to your business, adding long-term benefits. Any business relationship must be built on trust and honesty, enhancing our clients’ businesses, not hindering them. Once you have chosen the right corporate transcription provider, you will want to continue building on the relationship for the foreseeable future.”

But aside from its commitment to quality and excellence in any transcription project, Alphabet Secretarial promises a quick and efficient service as well. One proof of this is its guarantee of a response time within two business hours to any query from prospective clients through its website. Prospective clients who would like to request a proposal can simply fill an online form with their name, email address, contact number, and the details of their transcription, and they can expect to receive a response in as little as two business hours.

The corporate transcription services offered by Alphabet Secretarial includes transcription for pharmaceuticals, transcription for disciplinary investigations and hearings, transcription for financial institutions, transcription for business meetings and presentations, and more. 

About the company:

Alphabet Secretarial is a renowned transcription services provider in the UK. To learn more about Alphabet Secretarial’s corporate and covert transcription, academic transcription, and pharmaceutical transcription services, UK, visit the company’s website.

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