Alphabet Secretarial’s Legal Transcription Service Provides Court-Ready Documents

Legal transcription services may be readily available from many transcription service providers across the UK, but Alphabet Secretarial takes pride in the fact that its legal transcriptions are presented in court-ready documents, ready for use by both government officials and legal professionals and representatives.

UNITED KINGDOM – 17 Oct, 2017 – Everyone knows that the legal system, particularly in the UK, is quite strict when it comes to the presentation of evidence, the filing of required paperwork, and more. Alphabet Secretarial, for instance, is one legal transcription provider which knows all too well how important it is to provide courts and legal representatives with properly-made documentation which is fully compliant with all legal rules and regulations.

As Alphabet Secretarial explains, “We specialise in court-ready legal transcription services. This includes PACE transcription, IUC transcription, witness statements and benefit fraud interviews on behalf of solicitors, local authorities and police throughout the UK. HR departments have discovered the benefits of outsourcing their disciplinary and grievance hearings, where confidentiality is paramount.”

Alphabet Secretarial has benefitted from its many years of experience and expertise working with a wide variety of legal representatives and professionals, as well as government representatives and officials. This is one reason why Alphabet Secretarial makes it a point to present all transcribed documents in court-ready format, which means that they can be readily submitted to a barrister or a judge at any time. Alphabet Secretarial says more about its court-ready documentation: “This means we know how to present our transcripts to a legally accepted standard. Using specific templates, you can have peace of mind that you won’t need to duplicate our efforts by re-presenting our transcripts in another format.” Along with this, Alphabet Secretarial promises complete confidentiality with all of its work, especially for covert transcriptions which are highly-sensitive and confidential, such as transcriptions for investigations related to undercover crime and reports related to the forensic sciences.

The company has worked with a good number of legal professionals, and these individuals have been more than satisfied with Alphabet Secretarial’s service. One particular fraud investigator affirms: “We are using Alphabet for all our transcription needs and we are extremely happy with their service. Their transcription is very high quality, leading to a high level of trust and confidence in their work. The team are extremely good with ‘problem’ tapes, such as difficult accents, quiet speech and constant interruptions. All in all, we are very happy with Alphabet and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in this line of work.”

About the company:

Alphabet Secretarial is a renowned transcription services provider in the UK. To learn more about Alphabet Secretarial’s corporate and covert transcription, academic transcription, and pharmaceutical UK transcription services, visit the company’s website.

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