Experience the deepest insight into the situation of Black American society

Chicago, USA – 17 October, 2017 – The black American society has been through a complexity of economic, social, physical, emotional and political challenges that has changed the very fabric of their existence. The struggle of a Black American through the past and to the present has a major role to play in understanding her future. Ever wondered why Black Americans are always in the news, deliberating and agitating on one core racial issue or another? To understand better, one has to delve into the mind of a Black American society to understand her hopeless situation just like Lavelle portrayed in his exhilarating book titled “Dirty Laundry Coloreds and Whites”.

In Dirty Laundry, author Lavelle presents his personal view of race relations in the world and how these relations have affected both the black and white culture.

Through a series of essays, Lavelle describes the current state of black culture, examines the elements that have caused the erosion of the black community, and describes what the future holds for black Americans.

Dirty Laundry presents Lavelle’s thoughts on array of topics relevant to the black community such as: race issues in the world, segregation versus integration, Black social and cultural issues, the role of the police and the justice system in the black world, parents and crime, athletes and sports, etc.

While sharing his opinions and views, Lavelle suggests actions that can be taken that would improve the future for both black Americans and the United States as a whole.

This book does not only give its readers a factual insight on Black American lives but also inspires the reader to change his society. It is guaranteed to blow the minds of its readers.

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About the Author

Lavelle was born and raised on the West Side of Chicago. He is a FOTM reader and commenter. He works as a broker and dispatcher for a company in Chicago owned by an accomplished black American. Lavelle has held an interest in politics and who the players were since the early 1980s. His family members and friends have held political seats on a local and state level, and have helped to shape his views on issues that relate to politics.

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