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Fairfax, VA Rian Jackson Inc. offers one of the unique gifts people can share in the upcoming holiday season. Through its trampoline review site, visitors can choose the best trampolines of any kind for their loved ones. The company aims to help shoppers pick gifts for Christmas and New Year and save their time from hassle.

“Nowadays, the young ones prefer to jog or run outdoors and do workouts in the gym to keep them fit. However, many of them cannot keep up with this lifestyle or seemed not to enjoy doing these activities since they lack time. As a result, they struggle to live a healthy life,” says Gavin Jackson, the company’s spokesperson. Rian Jackson Inc. reasons that cases of heart attack and hypertension spike during the holidays. That is why they came up with reviewing trampolines and encourage the customers to buy one for themselves or their loved ones. Moreover, they opined that living an active lifestyle using trampolines is great for New Year’s resolutions.

Rian Jackson Inc.’s website compiles all the information users need as regards to trampolines. Their staff gives short but concise assessments for every product they test and spot important points for buyers to consider. The company evaluates trampolines based on how well its tubings, springs, safety pads, and jumping mat perform. Moreover, their reviewers check if the manufacturing firm is compliant with the regulations set by The American Society for Testing and Materials. Given their strict regimen, they ensured that visitors will select only the best trampolines on the market today.  

This trampoline review site encourages people to buy trampolines as a more effective and cheaper way to lose extra pounds. A mere 20-minute routine is said to be more potent than a 45-minute brisk walk. Bouncing for 5 minutes a day is said to strengthen muscles and bones and detoxify the body. They also claim that trampolines do not take much space in storage, as long as the users know how to properly assemble and dismantle these. Rian Jackson Inc. has tested hundreds of these in their experience and happily recommend the top rated products on their website.

With the nearing holiday season, the company hopes more people will choose trampolines as the ultimate gift to their loved ones. Interested customers may visit their website at Rian Jackson Inc.’s office is located in Fairfax, VA 22030. They can be reached through the phone at (703) 835-3902 or via email at

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