What Are The Differences Between The Airwheel H3 Smart Wheelchair And Other Wheelchairs?

Looking back on Airwheel, we get to realise that it is over a decade since Airwheel made a formal pronounce to enter the sector of electric scooter. Lately, a new series was added to Airwheel—H series of automatic electric wheelchair. What are the differences between H3 and others?

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From its infancy on, Airwheel electric one wheel has developed and pushed out a variety of series. These series are made up of the electric one wheel, two-wheeled electric scooter, electric skateboard, smart helmet and electric folding bikes. Despite these series, another series, H-series were also unveiled lately. Amongst those series, H-series is the most characteristic. In the series, there is merely a dingle model, i.e. H3 electric folding wheelchair. Perhaps, new members would be added to this series to enrich the family, but now it is a single model.

Airwheel H3

H3 automatic folding electric wheelchair represents the whole series. Therefore it is most worth thinking. People often resist ask what exactly is the shared features of H-series. The battery features numerous recharge times, durable, uninflammable and non-explosive. The shock absorption system ensures the structural stability and the intelligent controller makes sure the safety of the rider, notably for the beginner. It is understandable to think the two will applied to the future H-series model of electric wheelchair as the basic technology. Thanks to the joystick, riders can push it forward or backward to go forward or backward. It will automatically brake when your hand does not touch the controller, which is super easy to control. To reverse, H3 will give you reminder if there are obstacles to ensure the safety of rider and others.

Airwheel H3

Moreover, H3 is featured by the automatic folding system, making it convenient for riders to store it with the folding size: 790X630X370mm. In H3 smart electric wheelchair, it is easy to spot the innovation in respect of concept. Airwheel integrated its mars rover into the mobile phone via App. This small move represents the change in the design concept. The integration makes the rider able to control his smart wheelchair on phone. It heralds that Airwheel goes further on the path of being smart.

Airwheel H3

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