Innovative Digital Consulting Agency Takes Marketing To New Heights Using Drones

A New Jersey-based digital marketing company is now offering their clients a fresh way to stand out online and on the market. Smek Digital Consulting is proud to announce that they can now provide high-quality drone video and photography, taking promotional marketing campaigns to fresh heights.

Working with their partner, Fotos For The Future, Smek Digital Consulting is now able to offer their clients video and photography for their marketing from the skies. All the footage and images collected by the drones are in 4K, ensuring the highest quality marketing materials for use in a variety of campaigns.

Smek Digital are keen to point out that there are various reasons why business owners might want drone footage for marketing and promotion. A drone can soar over a business property, capturing footage of a business literally from the ground up. Alternatively, footage from drones can be used for aerial surveys for real estate development companies or investors. In fact, drones can be used to capture footage of virtually any business property imaginable, from farms to oil rigs and everything in between.

Smek Digital Consulting has been providing marketing strategies and promotion campaigns to their clients for over ten years. They pride themselves on being able to operate on multiple marketing channels to discover the target audience of any business and establish the ultimate way to connect. Smek Digital Consulting is always looking for fresh ways to ensure that their clients stand out online and this is exactly the idea behind drone video and photography.

All their drones are flown by licensed FAA section 107 pilots, ensuring high-quality video and images. Smek Digital Consulting is aware that using the footage for business purposes from drones that were not piloted by licensed pilots could be illegal. As such, they only use the services of the best, qualified pilots for the footage and images provided to their clients.

The digital marketing agency firmly believes that this new service will give them an edge with business owners when they choose a partner for promotions. Smek Digital is aware that the online marketing is incredibly competitive and it takes a lot to stand out online. With footage from the skies, they are keen to give their clients the best chance at grasping the attention of their target audience with dazzling and immersive imagery.

Stunning examples of footage taken by drones for marketing and promotional services can be found on the company website. This includes video footage of Trenton Bridge and Carnegie Lake, as well as images of Princeton University and New Brunswick. The examples highlight the unique aesthetic of footage captured by drones and demonstrates the potential for breathtaking marketing promotions.

More information about this fresh service can be found on the Smek Digital Consulting website. Alternatively, the press can contact the company directly using the information provided below.

Media Contact
Company Name: SMEK Digital
Contact Person: Sean Juan
Phone: 732-993-8187
Country: United States