Dick Hochschild, President of American Weathermakers Reveals Insider Heating and Cooling Secrets for Chicago Land Area Residents On Business Innovators Radio

President of American Weathermakers, Dick Hochschild, was the featured guest on Business Innovators Radio with host Markus Loving talking about Insider Heating and Cooling Secrets for Chicago Land Area Residents

On a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio with Markus Loving, Dick Hochschild, President of American Weathermakers, discussed Insider Heating and Cooling Secrets for the Chicago Land Area.

According to Hochschild, most major heating and cooling issues people have are preventable.

Hochschild, said “I really believe that most service problems today are completely avoidable just by routine maintenance. For instance, the most common service problem is just a dirty filter or a plugged filter. The have a beautiful home but they forget to change their filter. Our service technicians when they come out are trained to look for things like that. So our solution is what we call our Comfort Club. Today we have over 5000 homes in Chicago land as members of our Comfort Club and we see these people twice a year. We do a furnace tune up in the fall and an air conditioning tune up in the spring. We make sure that all of their equipment is running to its peak efficiency.”

When host Markus Loving asked how long has the Comfort Club program been saving customers money and headaches, Hochschild answered, “We’ve called it the Comfort Club for almost 20 years now but we’ve always had service plans. It’s really grown in popularity over the years. And so today most often people call us for three reason, for tuneups, no cooling or no heat service call or replacement of equipment. And most of the customers who call us for either the tune up or for a service call, they all join The Comfort Club because they get the discounts right up front. So it’s really become a very popular and very unique program.”

During the Interview, Hochschild shared some of the biggest misconceptions that he sees in the HVAC industry, explaining, “Well as I mentioned, many people call us for the first time because they have no heat or no cooling. Often that happens on the coldest day of the year or the hottest day of the year and it never happens at the right time. Perhaps people get home from work and they find they have no heat or no air conditioning. Or they wake up in the morning and they have to go to work but her furnace isn’t running on a really cold day and people go into panic mode. And usually customers think that they have to wait till normal business hours to call a heating or air conditioning contractor but they can call us any time, day or night, 24/7 and we’ll be there to solve their problem within 60 minutes. We’re the 60 Minute Men and that’s not just our advertising slogan, it’s the standard we hold ourselves too. And we can almost always get there within 60 minutes.”

American Weathermakers is known as the 60 Minute Men because if you have no heat or no cooling they will be there in 60 minutes or they’ll give the customer a free $60 gift card for the repairs.

The interview concluded with Hochschild saying “Our slogan which is ‘We won’t be comfortable until you are.’ I really think that’s appropriate in our industry and certainly our company motto and philosophy.”

To listen to the full interview on Business Innovators Radio, visit https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/dick-hochschild-owner-american-weathermakers-shares-insider-heating-cooling-secrets-chicago-land-area/.

About Dick Hochschild

Dick Hochschild is the owner of American Weathermakers and has been rated as the top 10 dealers in the entire nation as well as the best in the North Shore Services for the last four years in a row and just recently won the 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards through 22nd Century Media. American Weathermakers is located at 341 Anthony Trail, Northbrook, IL 60062.

To learn more visit them online at https://americanweathermakers.com/, or call (847) 509-7777, to set up an appointment or find out more about The Comfort Club.

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