JDL Group Releases New Report on Ransomware Threats to New Jersey Law Firms

Berkeley Heights, New Jersey – October 18, 2017 – JDL Group, a premier New Jersey IT services provider, released a new report on the recent threat to law firms from ransomware, a widespread and damaging type of malware used to extort money from businesses by encrypting their files and preventing access to those files.

The report – Held Hostage: Securing Your Law Firm from Ransomware – is now available as a digital download on JDL Group’s website: JDLGrp.com.

According to the Report, the effects of ransomware can be devastating to law firms whose digital operations and confidentiality are vital to their client relations. The June 2017 ransomware attack on law firm powerhouse, DLA Piper, serves as a stark reminder that law firms of any size can be potential targets of hackers.

Ransomware has proven to be a digital plague that is costing businesses billions of dollars every year. All indicators point to a continued increase in the number of ransomware attacks with law firms being a major focus of cyber attackers. To prevent the costly effects of a ransomware breach, the Report recommends that law firms have advanced protection technology in place combined with effective monitoring services and industry best security practices.

“It has become increasingly apparent in the past few years that there is an overwhelming need for law firms to have better cybersecurity in order to safeguard client and firm information from the risk of loss from a cyberattack,” remarked Tim Ur, the National Account Manager for JDL Group. “Law firms need to have effective, advanced protection in place at every stage of an attack to stop ransomware from corrupting their data, as well as the personal information of the firm’s staff and clients.”

The JDL Group, headquartered in Berkeley Heights, offers a strategic approach and custom solutions to IT challenges by reducing the complexity within your IT infrastructure. Together with its partner organizations and industry certified staff, JDL Group designs, implements, manages, and supports your IT infrastructure, making your organization far more efficient and protecting your data from cyber security risks.

Download your FREE Ransomware Report at: JDLGrp.com/RANSOMWARE.

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