BiblePal app by Ecrown Technologies receives great reviews by users

BiblePal is the newly launched mobile application by Ecrown Technologies that has received great reviews by users on Google Play and iTunes. The app makes use of artificial intelligence to enable users to search phrases and verses from the Bible easily.

“Absolutely awesome! Quickest search I’ve ever used and emoji search a cool touch. Thumbs up”, says one user on Google Play while another user on iTunes mentions, “Love the concept and how easy it makes it to find bible verses! Makes reading the Bible fun even for beginners”.

BiblePal has inbuilt virtual assistant called “Rabbi” which enables users to use natural language to search the Bible which means a user can simply type questions like, “What does the Bible say about Life?”, or “What does the Bible say about Money?” “Show me verses about Faith” and more. The assistant is powered by an advanced algorithm that provides quick search results after analyzing the huge database of Bible information.

The developers of the app were inspired by the modern age of texting and chatting which is why they came up with the app so users can interact with the word of God in a similar manner.

Users can search the app by either typing into the app or use the voice-enabled search option. They can also look up scriptures using emojis, for example, the happy emoji will show joyful Bible verses and passages. Emojis can also be enabled within the Bible verses making them more fun and interesting to read. The app features multiple bible versions to choose from and also provides notifications for daily bible verses.

Bible Pal is available for free download on Google Play and iTunes.

The app can also be installed on Slack and interacted with by sending a message on the facebook page or tweeting @biblepalapp.

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