MetaStudio Fights Online Fraud with Fire

Jon Cross, CEO at MetaStudio
MetaStudio is a well-known and reliable resource for companies interested in protecting their websites and forums from known internet fraudsters. The company has recently presented at the Lend360 Conference in Dallas, Texas and is looking forward to demonstrating their new flagship tool at other conferences and events in the future.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Kansas City, MO – Online fraud wreaks havoc on individuals and business alike. Each year billions of revenue, profit, and savings are lost to internet bad actors. MetaStudio wants to help businesses develop the resources they need to combat fraud and create high performing marketing campaigns. The company has a wide range of tools and assessments to keep businesses from losing time and opportunity to scam artists and known fraudsters.  Their flagship tool, Customer Authenticity, is the end result of years of data collection and IT investigations on the part of entrepreneur and internet security specialist, Jon Cross. MetaStudio’s commitment to sharing information and resources with other thought leaders is what led them to participate in the Lend360 Conference this October.

“Currently there are a lot of bad actors out there who use fake information for sign-ups, use forums to post fishing links or develop SPAM that – at best – creates an email subscription list that is false and at worst can be harmful to a business’s IT integrity,” says Cross.  “Our Fraud Alliance database is a reliable source of information on known fraudsters. Cyber criminals like to attack multiple organizations and leave fingerprints wherever they go. Our system can provide rapid identification and stop them from being able to inflict damage on multiple businesses.”

The Fraud Alliance data has been collected from trusted Email Service Providers (companies providing email marketing services on behalf of clients), Internet Service Providers (companies providing services for accessing, using, or participating in the Internet), lead generators, and other global online businesses. The information collected contains those cyber criminals already verified as fraudsters so that they can be prevented from inflicting further damage on businesses.

“We’re all in this together,” says Cross. “All of us would like to maintain the integrity of our sign-ups and email so that we can develop real business opportunities from our leads. I come from the world of business development and Customer Relationship Management. I know how important it is to have good data and good metrics, so developing this database was an incredibly valuable use of my time.”

Cross was the founder and CEO of Great Dane Consulting, a business loan lead generation firm. Developing viable leads was critical to the survival of his business. He claims that spammers and fake leads are more than just an annoyance, they can create business casualties. As he explains it, these spammers force businesses to waste countless hours and dollars that could be better spent on viable leads. With the help of MetaStudio businesses can look forward to a subscription list free of “bogus signups” and tools that will help them score their leads and streamline the sales process. MetaStudio’s process scores leads based off of risk criteria like IP, fingerprints, activity, geo location, etc. so that companies can more effectively utilize their time. “There’s no magic bullet,” says Cross, “but we’re close.”

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