Caterquip Opens New Nottingham Location

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire – Caterquip UK Ltd., one of the leading suppliers of second-hand catering supplies in the UK has expanded its locations to include a new Nottingham location. Caterquip works to help those with a budget or who need a quick turnaround time to get catering equipment supplies and commercial catering equipment to outfit their kitchen properly. It can be time consuming and frustrating to get the proper catering supplies to for a kitchen or to upgrade the existing equipment, and Caterquip specialises in fast and efficient turnaround time.

Caterquip believes that the quality of their products is important and only supplies brand-name used catering supplies and commercial catering equipment. Buying new equipment from catering equipment suppliers can be expensive for even the largest organizations, and because of that, Caterquip has seen an increase in business as customers realize what a reliable and trusted source they are for smaller companies seeking an alternative to new catering supplies in the UK.

What exactly does Caterquip do with the used equipment that comes to their doorstep though? In the case of a Falcon Dominator Twin Gas Fryer that they received, they determined that it was only a few years old despite being in horrible condition, likely not having been cleaned in several months. Upon arrival of a part like the fryer, trained and experienced technicians look thoroughly at its condition and assess its viability. This helps to determine whether the fryer can, when reconditioned, work safely, reliably, and efficiently.

It was determined that besides the months of accumulated grime and grease on the fryer, it would be in great working condition after some special care. If Caterquip technicians deem the machine viable in the future, it is stripped so that if parts are required they can be ordered. They perform and a deep clean of everything and a technical rebuild for any parts that need servicing. Mild detergents and quality cleaning supplies are used before testing each component and the re-building takes place. The team at Caterquip was able to get the Falcon Dominator Twin Gas Fryer working, cleaned, and onto the warehouse floor in no time.  

Caterquip’s new Nottingham location is in the city centre and the 25,000 square foot warehouse features a wide variety of second-hand and refurbished catering equipment, including ovens, cooking, frying, and grilling equipment, refrigeration systems, warewashing equipment, and stainless steel tables and sinks just to name a few of their offerings.

With twenty years of experience in the catering equipment industry, Caterquip has the knowledge, technical expertise, and commitment needed to save their customers money and to outfit businesses small and large.

Media Contact
Company Name: Caterquip UK Ltd
Contact Person: Dominic Ricciardi
Phone: 01733286000
Address:99 Manvers Street
State: Nottingham NG2 4NR
Country: United Kingdom