Homeowners Rush to Maximize End of Year Federal Tax Credit with CalState Solar

Temecula, California – When it comes to experts in the field of solar energy, CalState Solar is a premier source.  They offer expertise not only in the installation of solar panels but roofing as well, a rarity in the solar industry. Solar installation in the state of California done before years end will allow homeowners the chance to cash in on the federal tax credit when filing taxes in 2018, and customers must act fast to take advantage of the federal solar program credit.   

With power rates rising every year, it has become more apparent that solar panels are the preferable choice as an abundant and renewable source of energy. The benefits of choosing solar power over electricity are many. One of the oft-overlooked factors is that solar rates are locked in for decades, keeping costs low for many years. Homeowners who choose solar power also stand to receive a substantial up to 30% credit from the federal government. Innovative technology allows for even more efficient energy than ever before, and it is the green alternative to using fossil fuels.

CalState Solar is one company that offers extensive services for homeowners looking to switch to solar energy. Their website offers a plethora of information on what they can provide for their customers. They start their clients off with a free consultation, and from there, they offer personal system design and installation. Activation is the final step in the residential solar install.   

Not only does CalState Solar excel in the area of residential solar installation, but they also install for commercial properties as well.  Using CalState Solar as a solar energy contractor will ensure the client has the most experienced providers in California. They make sure the particular company has the specific design objectives for their unique use.  From small businesses to commercial solar farms that cover many acres of land, CalState Solar will maximize the clients’ particular needs and budget.

CalState Solar is the leading solar energy equipment supplier in the state of California.  Customer reviews across the board show why this solar company is top notch.  These reviews include comments on their excellent customer service and installation procedures.  Customers also agree on the level of professionalism exhibited throughout the company. 

When it comes to saving energy and money, many homeowners who wish to cash out on the federal solar tax credit program are pressed for time as the end of the year nears. To take full advantage of those savings, many are turning to solar installation from companies such as CalState Solar.

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