Defense Tax Group Achieves Dream Milestone, Saves $200 Million for Clients

October 19, 2017 – Defense Tax Group, the tax resolution firm specializing in tax resolutions, has shown what a hands-on approach to dealing with tax cases can achieve. In just five years, it has saved its clients over $200 million. This is a major milestone for Defense Tax Group, which has dedicated itself to handling IRS tax debt cases with panache.

Few would believe that tax debt resolutions could be so successful or produce consistent results. Defense Tax Group has allayed such doubts with a remarkable performance, and the figure of $200 million speaks for itself.

“We are proud of this achievement, and congratulate the entire team. Our dedicated IRS tax attorney and federal tax lawyers can help find the best possible solution for your federal and state tax situation and negotiate with the IRS and state on your behalf for irs tax relief,” said a company spokesperson.

As a boutique firm that protects its clients throughout the resolution process, Defense Tax Group engages in tax advocacy service for individuals and businesses, and protects them from any devastating effects of IRS tax debt, which can cause devastation both financially and otherwise.

Defense Tax Group professionals always aim at settling tax debt for just a fraction of the concerned amount. Tax relief lawyers can eliminate interest charges and penalties, or remove a federal tax lien, apart from resolving other tax related issues. Its services are all the more necessary given that the IRS, a powerful entity, works with a large team of attorneys, necessitating a professional response.

Among the services offered by Defense Tax Group are Offer In Compromise, un-filled tax returns, tax relief for IRS tax debt and back taxes, IRS tax attorney help for audit, remove tax liens, subordination and withdrawal, etc.

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