Chicago Will Soon Be Home to Five Branches Empowerment Center

For more than 5,000 years, Asian healers have been providing powerful and effective health treatments which have remedied injury, pain and illness as well as improved wellbeing. These health modalities are generally termed the Five Branches and include Acupuncture; Herbal Medicine; Asian Bodywork Therapy; Movement Arts; and Eastern Nourishment.  The Five Branches have developed health techniques which work with the natural operations of the body. These Five Branches of Traditional Asian Medicine, which offer powerful, safe, and affordable remediation techniques, have helped countless people through the centuries.

The residents of Chicago will soon be able to experience the wonders of traditional Asian medicine through the Five Branches Empowerment Center, the first clinic of its kind in the area.  Five Branches Empowerment Center will offer the most effective treatments which have been refined and improved over the centuries. When a new patient enters the clinic, they will be comprehensively examined and diagnosed by a team of board certified and licensed Traditional Asian Medicine practitioners, so that a personal and customized treatment program for them can be implemented. This personalized treatment program may include some or all of the Five Branches as needed. And unlike traditional hospitals and clinics, the cost for treatment at Five Branches Empowerment Center is entirely affordable.

The Five Branches Empowerment Center will offer a vast new array of treatment options for patients, but it is still in development. You can help make Five Branches Empowerment Center a reality by supporting their Indiegogo fundraising campaign. The goal of the campaign is $5,000 which will provide for the first two months of rent. In return for your generous financial support, you will be eligible to receive perks like T-shirts, admittance to Movement Arts classes, Asian Bodywork Therapy sessions, Empowerment Consultations or a complete Empowerment Plan (includes Empowerment Intake, 2 Acupuncture Sessions, 3 Asian Bodywork Therapy sessions, 2 Eastern Nutritional consultations, and 4 Movement Arts classes).

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