Protect Important Communications with A Military Grade PGP Encrypted Devices Service

Ghost, a foremost technology solutions company, announces the result of a 15-year experiment that has proven to be a success and huge news for organizations handling sensitive information. The company launched their pgp encrypted device service about 15 years ago to help protect the successful dissemination of sensitive information from one point to the other.

They are happy to announce the huge success that the project has had over that period of years. There was no record of a single breach in the protection that their encryption service offered. With a military grade encryption protocol that has powered and protected several trillions of communications over those years without a single breach, the service is now the most reliable in the world. This is the best news for organizations and individuals who are saddled with the responsibility of handling sensitive information and who have been looking for a reliable blackberry encrypted devices service.

The announcement was made at the anti-cybercrime conference held in Oslo by the Chief Executive Officer of the company. In his address, he stated how “Ghost is driving and redefining what it means to have every single ‘dot’ and every single ‘I’ in every single communication protected from prying eyes and ears.” There was unanimous agreement at the conference that the world had never been more exposed and more vulnerable to breaches in communication than now. After critically examining the dangers of breaches and leaks in communication, the CEO said, “with the blackberry encryption service that we offer, we can 100% guarantee that your communications remain completely private. What we have created is an unbreakable fortress that, for 15 years, has not been breached once.” Again, talking about the power of their encryption service, he said, “Every single year, there are billions of breaches and leaks in sensitive information leading to several avoidable scandals. When organizations and individuals who handle sensitive information use our pgp phone, they can easily go to sleep knowing that no third eye would ever see what they send.”

The moderator of the anti-cybercrime conference stated in the closing remarks that the stellar and unstained record of the company’s pgp blackberry encryption service made them invite the CEO to speak of how organizations can better protect their information. The blackberry pgpservice that the company offers delivers the full encryption package to customers and organizations that use them. Ghost is one of the companies that have developed a full competency in delivering the best encryption technology to their clients. The value they bring to their customers is the un-breachable and an air-tight protection for their data and all forms of communication over the airwaves. Visit the website at to get the knowledge about pgp encrypted.

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