The latest single from Daisy Shipley

You’re The One For Me’ is the latest single from Daisy Shipley and it is already becoming a favorite in the U.K with YouTube views soaring since its release.

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With a Nashville vibe and a catchy vocal, it is hard to shake it off. The single was produced by John Hawkins at Avrio Records and is based on a poem penned by Jayne Harris.

We have been unable to compare it with anything else currently happening in the charts and it is refreshing to see an artist not sticking to the status quo and going the road alone.

The single was released worldwide on the 28th August 2017 and is expected to be a big hit over the coming months. You can stream ‘You’re The One For Me’ on YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music.

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Company Name: You Are The One For Me
Country: United Kingdom