Hydro-Gear® Moving Turf Industry Forward with Introduction of the SMARTEC® ZT DRIVE™ SYSTEM Including MYMOW™ Personalized Performance

SULLIVAN, IL – 21 Oct, 2017 – SMARTEC by Hydro-Gear is introducing an exciting and groundbreaking new drive technology that is designed to improve the operator experience and maximize performance.  We are proud to introduce the revolutionary SMARTEC ZT DRIVE system, the first ever production mower drive system that incorporates individualized and intelligent vehicle performance while maximizing your comfort, efficiency, and capability.   

“For years, we’ve heard complaints of the same problems in turf care. With the new SMARTEC ZT DRIVE, we’re attempting to solve all those problems with the introduction of electronic controls,” said Ray Hauser, President of Hydro-Gear. “Introducing SMARTEC ZT DRIVE unlocks a door for users to experience drives that think fast, respond early, and are hard-wired for customization.”

What is MYMOW?

Using a machine equipped with the SMARTEC ZT DRIVE system gives you the ability to individualize performance settings to the way you like to mow. Customization is easy through MYMOW, a personalized performance interface that stores an unlimited number of settings for the same mower such as forward and reverse speed, acceleration and overall control.  It is the first time this level of detailed and precise tuning has ever been possible for your mower.   

SMARTEC ZT DRIVE System Provides Additional Value Besides MYMOW

Smartec has developed the MowNet™ system software, a new innovation where all components are integrated with easy plug-and-play connectivity, simplified wiring, and on-demand upgradability.

The SMARTEC MowNet App is being developed and includes the MYMOW Personalize Performance Interface. The MowNet App allows for troubleshooting and performance management to be within the fingertips of the user,” said Alyn Brown, Smartec Market Segment Manager. “With the simple use of a tablet or smartphone, customization and adjustment is possible.”  

As another industry first, this system includes an optional Dynamic Stability Assist module that automatically monitors and adjusts the mower’s performance across 9 axes of motion.  This pioneering innovation eliminates the need to periodically adjust the zero turn mowers’ tracking control linkages.  Even more importantly, your mower will intelligently self-correct its heading for straighter mowing and improve controllability on gentle slopes.   Dynamic Stability Assist reduces operator fatigue while continuing to make mowing fun.  

Machines may also have the capability to be produced with different operator control systems such as lap bar, steering wheel, or joysticks on the same vehicle appealing to the preferences of the owner.

SMARTEC is currently working with turf manufacturers to refine and incorporate this drive system into future models.   This SMARTEC system will be produced at Hydro-Gear’s new Indianapolis Innovation Center.   

With SMARTEC, we believe Tech is our Turf™ and are excited to move the industry into the future with the innovative SMARTEC ZT DRIVE system. Please learn more by visiting our Smartec simulator in the Hydro-Gear GIE show booth #2092 or drive one of our demonstration units at the Hydro-Gear outdoor booth.

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