AdTector preventing click frauds worldwide with 99% success rate

AdTector guarantees the best possible click fraud detection, prevention and protection service for PPC marketers with its state of the art algorithm based on advanced machine learning.

Hollywood, CA – October 23, 2017 – PPC marketers having sleepless nights over worries of click frauds can finally heave a sigh of relief. Hollywood-based AdTector assures best Adwords click fraud service with 99% success rate. The company has already saved hundreds of millions of dollars for marketers worldwide and guarantees positive ROI for Google Adwords advertisers.

“It won’t be an exaggeration to claim that AdTector is my savior!”, read a happy testimonial. 

“AdTector is our source of happiness for all our search engine marketing”, Arnold is another satisfied client of AdTector. 

“Click fraud is on a rise and the menace has risen from 20% to 25% this year. Every other day, we see PPC marketers down with drained marketing budget due to bot-based clicks induced by unethical competitors. But not any more. AdTector is here solve all such issues so that you can enjoy a positive ROI and sleep in peace at night. We have come up with a revolutionary algorithm which launches most efficient click fraud detection and prevention with stellar success. We count on advanced machine learning and rely on big data tracked from trillions of events from millions of varied devices to ensure the most impenetrable detection algorithm”, stated the founder behind AdTector.

A name of repute across international click fraud prevention scene, AdTector has been operating since 2015. The company is trusted by a whooping number of 7,500 clients all over the world.

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AdTector’s sophisticated algorithm is equipped with a never-sleep robot that detects and blocks fraudulent IPs based on a wide number of indicators.

“Our cutting edge Click fraud protection algorithm goes much beyond the basic parameters like IP. Rather it takes into account a large number of indicators like user agents, blacklisted IPs, device IDs etc. to ensure a comprehensive detection and protection. Our algorithm monitors and tracks big data from various events 24/7/365 days. It helps us to automatically detect anomalies in traffic behavior at light speed. We represent the ‘gold standard’ for click fraud prevention.” 

Speaking on the inspiration behind AdTector, the founder stressed on a devastating click fraud incident with his own brother. The brother had launched a PPC campaign for his own finance startup and after a few weeks, he started experiencing strange click increase activities. The sudden surge also drained him of his marketing budget which made him rush to his brother for help. His brother is a seasoned security expert who soon found out that it’s the competitors who were clicking on his ads to destroy his marketing budget. He knew he had to do something to curb the ongoing menace and thus AdTector was born. 

The algorithm would also automatically block future fraud clicks on client’s links in future. AdTector has promised to provide transparent and detailed reports on clicks to clients everyday. In case, a client is confirmed that he had paid for fraudulent clicks, the company would help him to demand credit from Google. AdTector is automatically connected to AdWords Anti Fraud Department and would take care of all the legwork needed to lodge the complaint and application for refund. 

“We are confident to stop click fraud for you and our plans also come with a 7 Days 100% cash back guarantee for your peace of mind.”

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