New Product: Organizing Guitar Wall Hanger & Accessory Combo. One Student. One Guitar. One Starter Pack.

“Wall-Axe SOLOIST: Starter Pack – Guitar Hanger & Accessory Combo includes: SOLOIST Guitar Hanger, Capo, Digital Tuner, Adjustable Guitar Strap, Assorted Picks and Beginner Cheat-Sheet Guide. The perfect all-in-one gift for guitar students. Available at ww”
Wall-Axe™ Custom Guitar Hangers most functional guitar hanger on the market now includes the accessories it was designed to carry. The New SOLOIST: Starter Pack combo includes: Soloist Guitar Hanger, Capo, Digital Tuner, Adjustable Guitar Strap, Assorted Picks and a Beginner’s Cheat Sheet Guide. Perfect all-in-one gift for the beginning guitar student. All accessories included. Wall-Axe Custom Guitar Hangers are proudly made in the USA.

Wall-Axe™ Custom Guitar Hangers proudly introduces the most comprehensive and functional guitar hanger on the market. The new SOLOIST: Starter Pack is a combo product that expanded from the All-In-One SOLOIST: Guitar & Accessory Hanger released in 2014. This is the only accessory-holding guitar wall hanger on the market today. This intuitive wall-mount unit is great for intermediate and advanced guitar players who already own numerous pieces of gear, like: Capos, Tuners, Straps, Picks, etc. For the beginning guitarist or gift buyer, the task of shopping for each of these accessories can be quite the undertaking if you don’t know what to look for. Wall-Axe has simplified this by doing the research & legwork in provided key quality accessories that every well-rounded beginner should have at their disposal. All accessories are included with the SOLOIST: Starter Pack by Wall-Axe™.

Starting with the base unit of the SOLOIST: Starter Pack, the wall hanger uses its well-configured triangular shape to securely hold one guitar, plus the guitarist’s most common accessories, including: guitar straps, clip-on tuners, capos, picks, thumb picks, finger slides, and more.  All SOLOISTs are made in the USA featuring a beautiful real oak wood face and fitted with premium rubber-sleeved metal hooks.  Never before has a single guitar wall hanger incorporated so much added function for the user. The SOLOIST is truly inspired by the family-owned company’s slogan: “The Beauty of Art & Function”.

A few of the most notable design features on the SOLOIST are the 4 accessory knobs that border the hanger’s base. By personal preference, the user can securely fasten up to 3 guitar straps on a single knob, and up to 15 guitar picks can be organized by thickness in the 3 allotted slots for easy accessibility. An illustrated and easy to read installation guide is included with all mounting hardware.

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The SOLOIST: Starter Pack Combo includes:

• SOLOIST: Guitar & Accessory Hanger

• Adjustable Guitar Strap

• EZ-Squeeze Capo

• Clip-On Digital Tuner

• Assorted Picks

• Beginner’s Guide

• Mounting Hardware

• Installation Instructions

The SOLOIST: Starter Pack is available online from retail partners and directly from the manufacturer at:

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