Top 4 Preparedness Supplies That Beginner Preppers Should Not Forego

“Basic preparedness supplies for beginner preppers”
Home and Garden America lists the four most important preparedness supplies that every beginner prepper should have.

Carson City, NV – October 23, 2017 – Prepping for the survival of an entire family is a serious matter, and therefore needs great consideration. The most essential preparedness supplies must be obtained above anything else so that when disasters strike, all the needed resources are accessible. Beginner preppers might be challenged by this task but with the right advice, prepping for survival is very doable.

According to Home and Garden America, there are 4 preparedness supplies that beginners should equip themselves with. The Nevada-based survival company says that without the basics, enduring a disaster or survival crisis would be extremely difficult. The essential items are revealed to be:

Water and Food Supply
These two are main components for human survival. Since the average human will only last for 3 days without water and more than 3 weeks without food, securing one’s water and food supply is the most crucial of all. Home and Garden America’s recommended water quantity is one gallon for every family member per day. Preppers are also advised to pack a water filter in their bug out bags so they can purify water even in the wilderness.

“Learning some water purifying techniques is crucial as well. Beginners must know how and where to find water for consumption especially since their survival greatly depends on it,” said a company official.

As for the food supply, packing non-perishable foods is the sensible thing to do. The preferences of each family member (including pets) should be kept in mind to prevent waste. Survival seeds are also a wise addition to a family’s food supply.

“Survival seeds enable preppers to sprout food and grow a vegetable garden. Having access to fresh food in times of crisis is a luxury that only smart preppers can enjoy, so make sure to pack some seeds in your survival backpack. They will serve as a regular source of food for your family,” the official added.

First Aid Kit
Cuts, punctures, infections and other health issues will naturally occur when living off the grid. Leaving these health issues untreated can be very fatal, so they must be addressed immediately. A complete first aid kit will be really helpful in this case, and with some medical survival skills, preppers can regain their health in the wild and perhaps even save lives.

Weapons and Tools
All preppers rely on their survival weapons and tools. They need them to hunt, fish, cut, carve as well as protect themselves from grave danger. Weapons can come in the form of survival knives, rifles, crossbows, hatchets and machetes while tools include a slingshot, multi-tool, fire starter, paracord and compass. The gear of choice is up to each prepper, but Home and Garden America emphasizes the importance of skill in using the weapons and tools so that accidents can be avoided.

Clothing and Shelter
Protection from natural elements is the last item on the list of beginner preparedness supplies. Proper clothing and shelter are needed to shield the body from warm and cold temperatures. Clothes that defend against sunlight, moisture and insects are highly recommended, while tarps and tents can be used for shelter.

By preparing these essential survival items ahead of time, beginner preppers will be better equipped for the disasters and dangers to come. More information on preparedness supplies are available at the Home and Garden website.

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