Serving Hot Dogs to the Citizens Of Toronto, Canada

The hotdog in Toronto Company, Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory, was established in 1927, making their mark in the beef world for over 85 years. They pride themselves in delivering authentic European meat products such as; roast beef, sausages, beef, and fresh cuts of pork.

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory is a leader when it comes to incredible food and exceptional customer service. Not only do they deliver fresh cuts of meat, they also provide intrite and gluten free foods. What could go better on top of a hot dog weenie? Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory also provides condiments to go with the meat they make. From mustard to BBQ sauce, Soloway’s has every customer covered when it comes to flavor.

Stuck on what to do with your fresh cut deli meats? Have no worry. Not only does Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory provide you the meat, they also give you recipes to go with them. Keeping in touch with the community, Soloway’s also has a successful blog that talks about meat in the area and other food related topics. Blog topics include: burgers, cakes, cookies, grilled sausage, hot dogs, meat, and other.

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory has an exceptional range of product for their customers. Their wieners are great for throwing on the grill and come in a wide variety of flavor (chicken, beef, vegetarian, etc.). Their sausage is no different, coming in amazing flavors and delivering in amazing taste. For vegetarians, they provide vegetarian patty burgers. If customers prefer, they also carry all beef patties. Soloway’s also carries fresh meat; striploin steaks (10 or 5 ounce) and chicken breasts.

Along with providing the best customer service and produce, Soloway’s also take great concern for food safety. All ingredients for their beef wieners, pork sausages, and beef burgers are listed for the customer to see, along with important Nutrition Facts. Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory makes it a priority to provide their regular and new customers with the best meat products available. To do so, they also give the most accurate information for everyone to see.

About Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory was established in 1927 as a place for Toronto residences to enjoy authentic European meat. But in 1996, they began to focus more in the food service industry. The company still holds and keeps the same high values they created in 1927. Their dedication to exceptional food production has led their business to boom. Customers can find Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory meats in independent food stands, wholesale food stores, or catering the next big event. They also pride themselves in staying in accordance to Food Safety practices to keep their business and neighbor’s healthy and happy.

Media Contact
Company Name: Soloway Hot Dog Factory Inc.
Contact Person: Oleg Perelstein
Phone: (416) 661-9383
Address:917 Alness Street
City: Toronto
State: Ontario M3J 2J1
Country: Canada